Sunday, April 6, 2008

Random Thoughts

I love getting flowers. There's a story to this...I hang with a practical crowd who generously gives real help or food when needed (which is precious & I love). When I had Ash, Shane didn't know he could order flowers over the phone and he wasn't about to leave his new baby to go across town and order any! Between Shane and my friends, I suffer from low flower syndrome. So, to the friend who met my flower getting needs this week-thanks :)

Shane says this has to be a boy because he's tired of stepping on hair clips, Polly Pocket dolls and Barbie shoes. He wants to step on Hot Wheels for a change.
Softball is staring, we have two girls playing (and another one who wants to, but I refuse to keep up with 3 practices/games/all that right now, lol). We can't walk through the house without stumbling across a bat or glove. Why do we have to play sports with such big equipment? Why can't they do volleyball where there's just ONE ball to keep up with, or swimming where there's no equipment?

I'm loving looking around at new sling/carrier ideas. I can't wait to try some new carriers, like one of these (the pic from above is from that site). I noticed in the magazine from my OB's office, they are actually trendy now, so once again, I've set the standard for must-have-baby equipment. You all know I'm a fashion diva. Oh, and cloth diapers are in again, too with the slogans saying, "This isn't your mother's cloth diaper." How true that is! I remember swishing my baby brother's cloth diapers in the potty-yuck! This is a no-swish house!


Andrea said...

Okay, fashion diva, sorry I have contributed to your LFS in the past!

Boy Shmoy. We'll see!! Shelly was wishing a boy on you today! She was so sure she didn't need a girl and has been so blessed with Lydia. Boys are so much fun. They make such interesting noises when they play with Star Wars figures, GI Joes, guns, etc. I would guess that it will be much more painful to step on and stub on wooden guns, hot wheels and action figures.

Wendy said...

Well, I'll take fresh flowers from your garden any day :) There is a cure for LFS, you know :)

I'm open to a boy...or a girl...Jonna says that I won't know how much I need a boy until I have one, so I'll be blessed either way! I just can't wait to find out, lol.

Hey, I wished a girl on Shelly,so turn about is fair play I suppose :)

i'mDmommy said...

Careful...abiut're starting to sound like me!

You know that I was wishing for a boy for you and SHANE told me to stop it!

***on a sad note, I wished for a boy*** SO HEALTHY is the only wish and prayer that I have for this baby!!!!!!!!!

Love ya!

Hi Andrea!