Sunday, April 6, 2008

My favorite card company

These are such simple, beautiful, high quality cards, you gotta check 'em out. I enjoyed poking around this website this morning and seeing some of Rick's work, both some familiar pieces that make me smile when I'm in their home and new pieces, too. I love the mural in the laundry mat-priceless!

Sonflower Camp (you can find info on the site) is just months away and my kids are already talking about it. (Shirley this is the woman I was telling you about, she'd love to hear from you).

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Andrea said...

Thank you, friend. Rick has a huge gift from the Maker! My prayer is for him to be wildly successful and become all God called him to be!

Yes, Sonflower Camp will be here before you know it. The dates are June 9,10 and 11th. Ya'll come! Gonna be fun (if I shift into gear and get 'er going!)

Yep, Shirley, I'd love to hear from you!