Thursday, April 10, 2008

Help me out

I found this fun site today where I was playing with making a onesie. Shane said to go ahead and buy one, but I need your help designing it. We have several ideas but none seem to be "the one".

How about:
I'm number 5
The End

...or some combo of those?

What say you?


Jen said...

The End is cute... but is it really??? :-)

Anonymous said...

Well this will make a family of 7. Isn't that God's number for heaven? Something along that theme would be cute. Also, that could give you another girl name. Nevaeh...I have a girl friend who named her little her that. It is heaven backwards.


Andi said...

Okay, with this Nevaeh trend. We are seeing this name fairly frequently in L and D. We had a little girl named Heaven a couple of weeks ago.

7 is the number of perfection.