Sunday, January 13, 2008

We have some new friends

I know you're shocked. Just humor me.

I'm the social one in our marriage. I love the fellowship time of church. That's when Shane bales on me and goes to the car. Oh well, I can't see his looks from there (you know what I'm talking about!). However, we found some new friends he actually likes to visit with.

We were in Sunday School a couple of months ago and since there were quite a few new couples, we did an icebreaker. This was the dreaded question for caveman families like ours who don't watch much TV, "What is your favorite TV show?" Man, I was 3rd in line to answer and just prayed, "God please don't let me look like an idiot." So, this guy, Jake, was first and he answered that Smallville was he & his wife's favorite, and I was instantly a believer that God answers even our smallest prayers. We love Smallville but I don't really think of it as TV since we buy the complete seasons each fall and watch them like crazy until we're left with a cliffhanger for 11 more months.

Even more interesting is that Jake works rotating shifts and that means he often works nights. He and Danea (I've not seen her name in print yet, so I'm sure that's wrong-its pronounced "DuNeea") also have a little boy named Gavin, which is our boy name (of course we've yet to use it!). As we talked today to the "Smallville" couple, we realized they have an interest in shooting. How odd is it that we'd find another couple in church with all those things in common?

They're probably axe murderers wanted in 7 states. How would we know? We never watch TV...

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