Monday, January 21, 2008

Stress Relief

I've been meaning to go in to more specifics about how I'm staying peaceful, but really it all boils down to the Lord's work in me. He's helping me handle a busy life with peace. Even though my life is busy, there's currently nothing in it I think is not ordained by God. We are considering cutting out one of the girls' extra activities, but everything else I'm doing-homeschooling, work, the Gala planning, watching Adri, Life Group, getting the girls to Awana, karate and so forth-we both feel they have God's stamp of approval. I point that out because our nation is too busy, Christians are too busy to get involved. We have to be careful or it'll kill us.

Okay, so one way I'm keeping the peace is by doing the Dave Ramsey plan. We worked the cash system especially well the first three weeks of the month. I dropped the ball midweek last week, but still didn't go over budget, I just simply spent from the debit card and didn't withdraw cash. It is so freeing to have my spending plan all laid out for the month. We purposefully plan our misc money so that it lasts and therefore we only spend it on what is important. I know how much I'm tithing, when in the month I'm writing those checks and to whom. I know I have a certain amount set aside for giving opportunities that might come up in the month. I got to spend some at the Project Show, investing in kids. I didn't have to tell my heart "no" when I saw a need, I could spend the money knowing it wouldn't leave me short on grocery money later in the month. I've never felt that free! I felt rich! We've often held back in fear and not given when we wanted because we didn't have a spending plan.

This plan has lifted a huge weight off our shoulders! This alone would help me feel less stressed, but there's more. I'll post about the other things soon!

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