Friday, January 11, 2008

The Hill Story

I was actually thinking of this very topic this morning...and thinking I'm not in the mood to explain it with all the wit it deserves (I don't have a great reserve of wit, I just run with it as it shows up). However, because 75% of my readers demand the story (the other 3 readers were there-oh wait, Jonna doesn't read it...), I'll go ahead with it today:

My partners in crime were Terrie, Jonna, & Summer. You bet I'm naming names! It was a not-so-typical girls night out. Jonna thought we needed a little more action than our normal eat & chat sessions. She suggested a field trip, among other things. After eating we drove to the park, the one with soccer fields to find a great hill to roll down. Yep, it was our main desire-just find a good rolling hill.

Now, this particular park has as many goat head stickers as it has little kids running on it. The kids go away at night, the stickers don't. Jonna was pretty sure the areas made for soccer games were sticker free. Well, that ain't exactly so.

With much laughter and shrieking, each of us took a turn lying down and rolling, rolling, rolling down the hill. At this location, we only took one turn each because we spent the entire walk back to the car picking stickers out of our coats.

So, a bit high from the rush of acting like a 7 year old, we decided to track down a stickerless hill for more rolling. One of us was sure we wouldn't get in trouble for going out to the golf course (at 10:00 at night), but Shane had specifically said to not get arrested (he has to remind me of these things), so I balked at that idea.

We remembered the baseball park has a King Kong hill, but alas it's pretty darn dark out there when there are no games. But the college has hills! So, we found new hills-and new stickers-but not goat heads at least. These are the flat kind that come in on your shoes and stick in your carpet. We rolled down the hill towards the parking lot and then the 3 musketeers (not me!) rolled down the hill toward the pond. I'm not so brave and besides, I was busy picking out stickers-and talking to my boss.

He had called--the board chair, mind you--while we were rolling down hills. He and his wife had just finished the last Smallville episode of the season we'd loaned them and we were discussing the cliff hanger. I really didn't want to admit to the board chair what we were doing, so I just talked along...I did tell his wife the next day or so and I still have a job.

As we were walking back to the car (still picking out stickers from our bums) Shane called. We were all laughing as I tried to be cool about what we were up to. He wanted to know if I was drunk. I wasn't, but I wasn't proving it too well.

If I had stayed for the last of the party, I'd have an even better story to tell-about playing headphones (where only you can hear the music and everyone else gets to hear you belt out your favorite tunes). Thankfully, I had to get home so Shane could get to work. Sometimes that deep nights schedule comes in handy!

So, if you read this and live in the area, remember we're on the lookout for a good hill-no stickers!


Summer said...

You could at least use code names if you're gonna out everbody. You know, Sherry, LaDonna and and hmmmm i have no idea maybe Shummer. That's bad...but you get what I'm sayin right, Lindy? lol good times good times. Bring on the golf course baby.

i'mDmommy said...

Oh my gosh!!! Shummer?? How about Bummer?? LOL!! That is a hysterical story and I am glad that you outed everybody!! Can't wait to see Jonna again and I'll see Summer maybe tomorrow!!!!

The day you gals get arrested, I am joining girls night!! LOL! That is so funny...You should have asked me about the soccer fields! They are horrrible stickers and the ants are pretty bad too!

I'll have to tell you about what we were going to do to our pastor one night the kids were at AWANA! But that will not be a blog...that could be held against us!!