Monday, January 7, 2008

Our home is a crime scene!

We've been robbed!

Well, the girls were robbed. Someone took our girls' hammocks which were tied up in the front of the side yard. It just makes me mad. In my mind its some punk boys who just want some hammocks for their yard. Shane said it's more than likely just some of our town's plethora of dope heads picking up whatever they find as they roam the streets. That's just the way it is when you live in a 'hood. It doesn't scare me, although a few nights ago I thought I heard male voices late at night and the dogs were going nuts. I was home alone with the girls, so I just got Shane's gun and put it on my side of the bed (I have a firm belief the shear sight of a bad momma like me with a gun will scare away the most hardened criminal. Yeah, my plaid flannel pj pants really make me a scary looking chick, one you don't want to reckon with).

So, Hope's ready to go call 991 (that's what she calls it, let's hope we really never need her to call it!) and report the violation. She's walking around with her camera around her neck--just in case there's something suspicious to capture, along with the pictures she's already taken of the crime scene. Shane said he might take her to the police station to report it, simply as a learning experience. She's chomping at the bit to go (anything to get out of school work and get some attention!).

I'll keep you posted on the investigation, lol.

Edited to add:

Here's a nice picture of the culprits, oops, I mean victims at the PD.

Yep, those are my stellar students! Just wrapped up a fine day of school before the trekked off to the local PD for a field trip. They look more like bumms off the street in the picture, lol.

The girls gave the report to an Officer Robertson who's a friend of ours (my mom's next door neighbor) so they were very comfortable with him and then they heard a call come in about a guy running around in traffic with wings on. Officer Robertson thought it might be the guy from Golden Fried Chicken, lol.

It turned out to be a kid who's big sister was supposed to pick him up from school. Apparently he was tired of being left to walk home, so he brought angel wings and wore them home to make his sister mad.

And we would have missed all this fun if the girls were in public school :)


Jamie said...

That makes me mad, too. Adri knows how to dial 911. If you ever need us at any time, you call. Ill sick the Montague Mafia on those bad guys.

Latte-n-Libre said...

How sad, I know the girls had fun playing on those. Besides, it just feels like you have been violated when someone comes onto your property and takes something of yours!

Wendy said...

Shane said I should have put a caption under the picture of the girls that read "First look at Dad after getting busted by the cops".

i'mDmommy said...

I like Shane's caption...way funny...but so unbelievable!! LOL!

Lil bit can call 911...she did it at 2yrs 3 times in a row...did you know that the PD comes up as private on caller ID..I don't answer Private.

The cops showed to check the scene!

BTW, if your kids were in public school...they might have been wearing those angel wings!! Look at the fun you could be when #1 learned about the middle finger in 2nd grade...NO she didn't learn it from ME!!! But I "properly" explained it (and when it is acceptable to display) :) Yep, old habits die hard!

Jamie said...

I still want to hear the story of you rolling down a hill