Thursday, January 3, 2008

My first post of the new year should be of rolling down a hill. Yep, rolling down a hill in November, I think. I did it. I laughed. But I'm not ready to tell the story yet. But soon.

Until then, I'm telling you the crazy, insane, want to pull my hair out time of year is here. But it's for a good cause. Official Gala planning started TODAY. I'll see you on March 7th.

Just kidding. Well, it did start today and I may be posting less, and it is all for a good cause, that's the truth of it. I spent an hour or so going over details and plans for this small town's first Gala. I've put one on for our other PRC, but it's located in a somewhat more affluent area. I am a little anxious about how this one will come off. Our Prayer Coordinator is all set (Miss Anita for those who know her-and her enthusiasm has blessed me hugely!), and we have a few other key details figured out-like what we're serving at the Prayer Dessert. We don't know who our MC is for the big night or who the caterer is, but hey, we got dessert planned!

No one really understands all the details that go into such a big event until they do this. Just to get the Prayer Dessert on the calendar took seven phone calls and about an hour and a half and I'm not done yet. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this in the next few weeks. I may not see you back here until March 7th! No, come back, its all good stuff, and the Lord will really have a chance to do big things. I can't wait to see them-and to report the whole story on March 7th!

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i'mDmommy said...

Cool about the gala...but I want to know more about rolling down this hill!!!!!!