Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Day has Arrived!

You know when you've moved from babyhood to toddlerhood the first day your little one walks in the living room all sleepy eyed from a good night's rest on her own. She doesn't need to call you anymore to get out of bed, she realized she can do that all by herself. Well, today was the day. I was just starting to exercise when I heard her cough over the monitor. I turn the monitor up and then, lo and behold, here she comes toddling into the dining room in her Winnie the Pooh pajamas and white socks, squinting at the light with hair sticking up...

My Baby...not so much a baby...

I just realized you crib users out there probably don't share this sentiment...if your toddlers gets out, it's not good news, lol. Live without cribs, Baby, it makes life much more insteresting!

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i'mDmommy said...

AWWW!! I bet you will soon be ready to try for #5 won't ya! :)

I personally loved it when mine started getting out of the crib by themselves. They were regular little escape artists!

Lil bit went to sleep at 530 last night and at 545 this am, she greeted me (to my surprise) with "HI MOM" in a low sleepy voice. It was so sweet!