Monday, December 3, 2007

More blogging ahead!

Read that how you want-a warning or an enouragement, lol!

I was pretty busy doing a various assortment of things last week-Girls Night was Thursday, Homeschool Group was Friday, then Saturday night we had our great little parade and aftewards friends came over for some post-parade yule-tide cheer. We put up Christmas lights Sunday afternoon and I just put the last coat of paint on a newly aquired dresser for the girls' room. I'm still trying to listen to Nancy Leigh Demoss while cleaning my kitchen in the evenings, too.

So, be forewarned-I have pictures to churn out of my camera of some of the above events, plus some nice pondering going on...all of which might make it to the blog.

Or I might just do my Christmas letter instead...I bet you're waiting with baited breath, lol. For those family members who only put up with my blogging to check in on the girls, you'll be happy-I've been working on more pictures for the blog-so check back soon!

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i'mDmommy said...

The parade was pretty good I thought...thankfully not as cold as last year! You sound like you have been busy! The man came with us this year and it was nice to have him there...
Drive by and see our lights. (The are on about 6 and off about 830 (when we go to bed...sometimes later!)