Friday, December 7, 2007


I think my Mike Huckabee banners look good on my blue site, don't you?

Shane and I are official Huckabee supporters. We love the idea of a politically conservative candidate who is also a Christian. Not so that our nation can become a godly Christian nation, that only happens in the hearts of men. No, we're excited because we hope it will mean some integrity in the political world. Christians aren't perfect and we fall for temptation at times, but I'm optimistic and believe that Huckabee's integrity will prevail if he serves us a president.

Besides, he's sold out to the pro-life cause. No wishy washy, pacifiying language in his sanctity of human life platform. He's upfront about wanting to overturn Roe vs. Wade, appoint pro-life justices, and about rejecting embrionic stem cell research.

He's just added a Secure American Plan, and although Shane understands more of the details of the actual logistics of securing our boarders (he actually sees a few illegals and has worked with ICE at the Sheriff's Office), it sounds solid to me. I like that he rejects amnesty policies and wants to physically beef up the border.

Here's a list of stance on key issues. I'm impressed that his faith is put out there as a key part of him, not to be taken away and boxed up, but to be integrated into his daily life. We all know this is the ideal for a Christian, but for it to be so boldly put on the table is great. Oh, and the fact that he's totally catching political analysts by surprise by moving up in the polls so fast is pretty great, too.

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i'mDmommy said...

I was very impressed with Huckabee during the YouTube debate on CNN. I really didn't know who I was with before that, but he made a very good impression and I think that I am leaning in his direction! I think mi espouso is also!