Friday, December 28, 2007

Highs of 2007

I may come back and add more but a few big blessings of the year have been rolling around in my head. This blog is how I get them out, lol.

In no certain order:
1. I've seen my children grow spiritually, especially Ash in her desire to read/understand God's Word and Hope in her Bible knowledge. They are both great at scripture memory and Beth is starting to enjoy memorizing verses, too.
2. Karate-this has been an unexpected blessing. My brother just came in one day and offered to pay for Ash to take lessons with him. Hope wanted to join in, too and we could only see good in it, so we said "yes". We love the leaders and their style of teaching and the girls are learning self defense and getting great exercise in the process.
3. My youngest brother has started attending church and is excited about God.
4. The PRC has been blessed beyond our imagination! We've added an assistant director which takes a huge load off me and we were given a donation of $30,000--just about a year's budget!
5. Hope learned to read!
6. Shane's schedule changed allowing him to attend church again, which he hadn't been able to do in 18 months.
7. My circle of friends grew closer and made some great memories! On the same note, keeping Adri has allowed me to rekindle a friendship with her mom, my cousin whom I spent hours and hours playing with as a child.
8. Libby was born-her parents are close friends of ours and they waited 8 long years for her! Two other friends, Stacy & Marianne also gave birth to long awaited children this year.
9. I beat some fears and started sewing.
10. We paid off our van (this week!) and have a plan to be out of debt in 18 months.

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