Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm sleeping with Yellow Belts in the next room!

I'm so glad they're my daughters!

Ash & Hope worked hard to pass an intense belt test Saturday. Their instructors are quite wise and make the students wait until the next class session to hear if they've moved up in rank. This gives the students a few days to reflect on their performance and it gives the instructors time to mull over the students' abilities.

Everyone who tested passed this time around and we are very proud of the girls. Ash is a natural intellectual and studies all the notes on what is required to move up in rank. Hope is a natural socialite and isn't quite as focused as her older sister, so we were a little concerned with her. We've seen a huge improvement since she started, but not knowing what all the instuctors are looking for, it was harder to predict with certainty that they'd both pass.

In celebration, we had Lemon Meringue Pie (it's Yellow, like their new belt rank) and asparagus (because Ash loves it) with our dinner. Shane watched the test, but had to work tonight, however, he was elated when he heard the news!

Enough parental gushing, here are some pictures of the testing (My brother is in blue):


Summer said...

Way to go girls!

i'mDmommy said...

Congrats girls!!

Wendy, ask Ash about me chaising her around last night at church. She told me about the yellow belt, and naturally I told her I could still kick her fanny..(literally speaking) and she is to fast and I kicked a door!! It was so funny!