Sunday, December 30, 2007

Memory Making

I often try to look at my children's days through the looking glass of time. What will they remember as adults when they look back to their childhood? I hope it's not just "Wow, Mom, was always so stressed and edgy!". Although they won't remember their parants as perfect, that's for sure, I do hope they remember we invested time in making memories with them.

We took advantage of the 60 degree December weather and spent the afternoon geocaching. We found the 3 caches we were hunting and spent some extra time at a little lake. We just skipped rocks and enjoyed the sunshine, but it was nice. I felt so good inside, I just prayed, "God I want to feel this good more often."

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Latte-n-Libre said...

We are going to my Dad's this weekend and will have lots of downtime so we are going to some geocaching while we hang out. There are TONS of them around where he lives so we should have lots of fun.