Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Challenges

Okay, as I've been cleaning all day, I thought of the learning experiences, growth opportunities and just plain hard issues of 2007.

1. FBI interview this summer. Meeting two FBI agents who flew into Texas just to investigate a government official from AZ and his business practices (he allegedly was using insurance funds that were supposed to be going to clients to finance his campaign. One of the PRCs we work with bought insurance and filed a claim (and waited on our money) with that company. I had to answer questions like, "What did you do after filing the claim?" "What did the form look like?" This was typical day to day business that took place several years ago, so I felt pretty dumb saying, "I don't recall" to a bunch of their questions.

2. Shane's Pepper Spray and Tasering. I don't know when they both occured, but I think the Tasering was this year. I hated it. I saw the latent results of the spray and had seen video of the Sheriff getting tasered. I dreaded the tasering the most.

3. Saying a short term good-bye to our friends who are now serving in Africa and our other friends who are about to leave for mission work in Mexico. Denial is my bestfriend :)

4. Learning to accept my "season" in life. I don't feel the freedom to drop all four kids at my mom's or Shane's mom's house. I know they're a lot of work. With Shane's night schedule, I've had to be okay with declining a lot of invitations-including one to the PRC's annual Christmas party for all the precious staff. I've never missed one in the six years we've held them, until this year. I also missed a good friend's Christmas party...but it's just not my "season" to be able to have a lot of evening get togethers.

5. My relationship with God has been a challenge this year. I feel distracted by the multitude of responsibilities and 4.5 children around me all day. My spiritual growth this year hasn't been at the rate of previous years.

I think half the number of challenges is best! 10 highs and 5 challenges, not too bad! And I've survived all 5 so far!

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Summer said...

Wow! You are a blogging maniac! I have enjoyed reading. And I think I will copy your last two posts on my own blog. I mean I will blog about challenges and highs unique to me....I won't use yours as mine. Or maybe I will....You know what I So what about rolling down a hill? Where does that fit in? cause that def. needs to be on there. lol And I'm so glad you have survived 2007...makes for a much better 2008 for me. loveme