Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Ergo has arrived!

So, after our geocaching trip on Halloween Weekend, I decided I needed an Ergo baby carrier. I watched ebay for a while and saw they pretty much sold for what I can buy a new one for-even the worn out used ones. So, reluctantly, Shane told me to go ahead and get one, although he didn't see why I'd need one. After all, I own almost half a dozen slings.

I found a great site that sells below suggested retail. Although she doesn't seem to answer her emails (or at least not ones from me), she shipped very quickly. Everything arrived in a nice pretty Ergo box...

I was a good girl and finished putting together the training Power Point for next week's training at the Pregnancy Center, then we popped in the DVD and learned how to use my new, blue Ergo.

Jaybird woke up cranky from her nap and wasn't quite as excited as I was to try it out, although she tolerated it for a bit.

The good news-it does distribute the weight well. I really like the feel of it. The bad news: in the back carry, it's much prettier if the wearer is a size 7 with a flat tummy. The little black stap doesn't flatter if you're fatter.

Maybe in addition to the backpack, zippered pack and tote bag Ergo sells as accessories, they should sell a control top Ergo strap. That's what a woman needs!

Off to do some crunches so I can look decent in my new Ergo-or else Jay will be stuck in the front carry position, where I can't see what the black strap is doing to my hips/rear!

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