Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Okay, here it is...

The LEO wives blog is ready! There's not a lot to show and it still needs work, but its a start!

The good news is, while exploring the net looking for links, I found what looks like a great site with a little forum community of LEO wives/girlfriends. There seem to be a good amount of Christians on the site and lots of good articles and support. It even has a section for homeschooling moms! It's in the links section of my new blog.

The blog's name is currently Thin Blue Line Wives, for lack of a better one. Blogger makes you pick a name early on in the process and I was itching to get it going last night. I'm open to name changes...and one of Shane's buddies suggested Beside The Badge...keep 'em coming and we'll see what all we come up with.

Thin Blue Line Wives

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