Monday, November 12, 2007

A Day with My Man

Shane and I spent most of the day about an hour away from our three oldest kids. Don't worry, we had plenty of fun without them! Jaybird and Adri were with us and I planned to give Shane no option but to wear a baby.

I really wanted to use the Ergo, but knew Shane wouldn't be caught dead in this sling:

Or any sling. He's told me the only men who wear slings are forced by their wives...So, Shane has never "worn" a baby. Until Today.

Unfortunetatly, his baby was about as green at baby wearing as he was. Here she is at the library:

There's just something she didn't like about Shane today...(she's holding her nose, but I was laughing so hard, the camera shook a bit).

That's okay, we went to lunch and she got a break from that perpetual piggy back prison. You'll notice we tried to be good caregivers and feed the girls vegggies first:

But she really got happy when we brought french fries to the table!

Don't worry, Jay got a treat, too

When you don't get coke often, you have to be intense about it:

Okay, now we're ready for some shopping! we go to the mall. Shane found these pants:

When he saw this, he said, "This you have to blog about!" This is why America is falling apart. It started with a simple 2 shirt combo-when you think it's a set, but the two are sold seperately. Then it moved down the slippery slope to display shirts under jackets. Now, underwear is boldly accessorizing jeans. America-stop before it's too late.

Side note here, Shane bought a different pair of jeans in a different store and the clerk asked if he'd like to buy bla bla bla for layering...I didn't hear what the bla bla bla was, so I thought she must be talking about the boxers right behind her! Wow-that's bold. I cracked up, but alas, it was actually a sneaky ploy to get you to pick up a few more items. It worked, he got 3 shirts (at $3.50 a piece). I hope she works on commission.

Okay, while were were doing all this discussing about clothing and politics, the girls had better plans:

They napped for a while, getting lots of ooohhhhs and aaahhhhs. People probably thought we had twins. And the best part, Shane was finally baby wearing! He was a trooper! He kept catching himself in the mirrors :)

Adri put up with the baby wearing thing until we were checking out at Old Navy, our last stop. We got her to the car, changed her diaper and gave her a bottle while buckling her up for the ride home. She seemed relieved...until about ten minutes on the road when she kind of gagged a little and then vomitted a little. I cleaned her up, thinking she was fine. Uhhhh, she wasn't so fine :( About 3 minutes later she erupted! Shane kept smiling this smart little smile while handing me baby wipe after baby wipe. What's up with that?

He was thinking how great Adri's timing was. Me too. I would have hated to have vomit in my Ergo ur, I mean on my husband. (PS, Adri's fine).

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