Friday, November 16, 2007

Do you know any weird people?

So, in your circle of pals, do you have anyone who stands out as weird? You know the type...the ones who might do the following:

Breastfeed forever
Make their own bread
Let their husbands make the decisions
Resist traditional medicine-at least some of the time
Drink raw milk (straight from the cow)
Don't watch TV
Have big families
Search out organic produce
Own a juicer, Vitamix, or Bosch (sp?)
Don't know pop culture
Use all sorts of crazy contraptions to "wear" their baby
Vote conservative

Well, while I don't know anyone like that, I just wonder about them. Do they know they're weird? Did they become weird one step at a time and never realize when they'd gone too far?

What if you knew someone like that and then found out they were considering using cloth diapers? Would you even associate with them? Maybe if they promised you wouldn't have to change one of them?

If you're eyebrows perk up at some of that list, yet you like me anyway (and not just so you can get cheap entertainment out of laughing at me over dinner) thanks ;)

PS, I'll keep disposables on hand for when you watch my kids, lol.


Summer said...

When we talk about you during dinner we prefer to call you strange, curious, outlandish, peculiar, bizarre. haha. But did you know that weird actually means something that refers to the supernatural or something unearthly? yeah, anyway. But, judging by your list of "weird" qualities, I am sooooo not weird. lol. I make all the decisions in our family and am so voting for Hillary. And if I knew anyone as weird as you describe, I would never ever associate with them. lol And I take back any offer I ever made to watch your children.

Summer said...

Am I weird because I crack myself up?

Summer said...

oh and I think you need to add making your husband wear the baby to your weird list, too. You know I'm kidding. I love that you are weird. I can't believe you would associate with

Wendy said...

You make me laugh! If I put "making my husband wear the baby", I couldn't then say I'm submissive!

Love ya!

shirleyhill said...

[eep] I think I qualify as a 'wierd' person. Make my own bread(because Jessica is GFCF and plus we just like it better), am a degreed herbologist so I not only resist medicine and use herbal remedies but we use homeopathic physicians instead of the ones here and not only do I search out organic produce but grow most of what we eat here at home. And yes, I own a juicer!

HOWEVER, I don't believe voting Conservative in Texas means that you are wierd. Just another card carrying lemming. NOw if you were voting Independent or Green maybe. :)