Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week in Review

In an attempt to be a little more focused in my blogging, I'm going to save my family updates, stories and so on for the weekend post(s).

We can't all live the luxurious life and enjoy High Tea in our pajamas on a Monday, but I did get to eat lunch at a little bistro with an old friend (a friend I was close to 15 years ago-whew I'm getting old!). I was also surprised with fresh flowers delivered to my door on Tuesday. They were from my aunt who came to see us last weekend. Very sweet of her-oh and the girls have moved the flowers to their room each night so they could wake up seeing them on their new table I bought at a flea market.

This week was a great school week. It was hard, but very productive. Since we were so behind schedule because of all the medical issues in November & December, we've been doubling up since starting back last week. This essentially means reading two chapters of the Bible daily, four or five pages of poetry, two chapters of history for Ashlyn and about four pages for Hope (plus the other subjects). Not bad, but I'm burned out by the end of the week!

Often Hope complains when we read something she's already learned. This makes Bible reading a joy (not!), since she's heard many of the stories over and over again. I was pleasantly surprised to entertain many questions from her this week as we studied Noah. Her discussion prompted this question from Bethany: Why did God let all the babies and their mothers die in the flood? Ughh, what a question!

Hope's quote of the week: I think there should be an 11th commandment: you should not steal your sister's Barbie and mess up her clothes.

Bethany is scheduled for her tonsillectomy this coming Friday. We're considering spending the night in Fort Worth since we may have to be at the hospital at 6 am (they won't schedule us until Thursday, so it's kind of hard to plan!). She's so laid back about it.

We looked at a house yesterday. To sum it up: Shane & I both thought it would be a great piece of property if not for the house. It was built in the '70's and has not been updated one tiny bit since-except for the dark/drab paint. It would have to be gutted and we just don't have the energy or money for that kind of work. As I look at properties online, I'm getting nervous that our price range does not match our needs/wants. Someone looked at our land, but we've not heard back-is he at the bank or is he on to the next listing? Who knows...but I'm trying to desire God's timing here, not mine. God is never late, but he's rarely convenient either.

Shane's really wishing for some High Tea time at work! It's been crazy there in the Sheriff's Department with about 40 new inmates from a near by county who's jail is being investigated for things you can't imagine (think meth lab in the jail, prostitution of female inmates...)! Last night one of the county employees was arrested along with all his dope cooking buddies-I think Shane said 30 or so people from his house were brought in, along with another large group who were partying at an officer's home. Three cooking stations were found in the county guy's home and he tried to sell an officer a handgun-he was an ex-con so he can't own a weapon to sell...Shane is ready for the weekend!
I've been off sugar for 17 days. It's not been easy, but with my accountability group I've stuck with it. To be honest, right now it stinks. I'm emotionally worked up about the land/house stuff and would like to drown my troubles in sugar...but if I do, I have to jump in the pool!


Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

I know what you are going through in the house hunt - Ronnie and I are concerned with exactly the same thing - our price range will most likely NOT meet our needs. I also have to remind myself that it's HIS will, not MINE that I need to seek.

That is astonishing about the jail - I hope they go away for a long, long time.

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

BTW - Jaika and Bethy . . . SOO CUTE!!!