Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today in our town sleet has covered the ground. Schools are closed for the second day in a row. It's not beautiful and snowy, but if you squint really hard it looks like it :)

Because of my public school upbringing, snow days are ingrained in me. It's a little hard to get moving in the allgirlhomeschool school house today. My longings are to put on some beans (done!) and curl up under the blankets with a great read-aloud. Yet the school schedule beckons me. We're behind schedule and even though it's 42 degrees outside, summer is around the corner and I'd like some time off then.

Instead of completely abandoning the schedule (which is fully appropriate at times) today we're enjoying the road less traveled. We are starting out by sketching the view from our dining room window, trying to capture the icy look. Our bird feeders are empty so we'll probably roll some pine cones in peanut butter & birdseed. Maybe put on some classical music. We've already looked up winter poems to add to our sketches. While we eat lunch I'll probably go ahead with some items on the schedule but not obsess about checking each box today.

This evening's activities have been cancelled, so we'll take that time under the quilts to read Mountain Born, one of my favorite books about coming of age.

These are the days the girls will remember, not the days mom checked off all the boxes.

Are you box checking today? Is there something you've been wanting to indulge in but haven't taken the time? Maybe today is the day!


D Unstoppable Mom said...

Mountain Born? Would my girls like that? #1 really loves to curl up at night a have me read to her,since dad is working nights I need material. I like to read stuff that she wouldn't pick up on her own.

Wendy said...

Well, Mountain Born may be a little slow but I like it anyway. It's a simple read...

I'd suggest The Year of Miss Agness (maybe just one "s"). We have it if its not in the library. It's about a woman who changes the lives of kids in an Alaskan one room school house. Very enduring story.

I know I have others but I can't find my catalog right now...

Ash said...

Yes, The Year of Miss Agnes (I think it's only 1 s. I'll have to go look) is a really good book. Its meant for a lower grade than I am, but I'm almost 12, and I don't think it is kidish.
What grade is #1 in? 4th?

Marcia said...

Wendy, you hit me right between the eyes! I admit it, I am a box checker. I'm so ashamed!

Today was the 2nd snow day in a row here too and we had about 2" of sleet/snow but our temperature only made it up to 25! Brrr.

Nevertheless, despite my desire to pitch the day and just play, I succumbed to the call of the unchecked boxes and pressed on. How I wish I could relax somedays and just enjoy the process of learning.

DS#2 and I read from Dolphin Adventure (check!) and did all of his other assignments (check, check, check, check!). Ds#1 and I read Johnny Tremain (check!) and did the rest of his assignments too (check, check, check, check....ect.). What do I have to show for it? A whole bunch of check marks and a cranky bunch of boys and a bit of a cranky momma. *sigh*

Next time I will listen to my heart and ease up for once.

Thanks for showing me how.


Luke said...

Agreed: These are the days your girls will remember. Hurray for the flexibility of homeschooling!

May today be equally enjoyable, even if you end up doing your normal work [smile].


Anonymous said...

Mountain Born was one of my favorites. The Little House series is good too. If you are looking for good read alouds, I would suggest getting on SonLIght's web page and browsing. We have some definite favorites that we would have probably never come across were it not for SL. I will miss that.


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Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

Box Checking? Me?? HAHAHAHAHAAAA!! That's a laugh. I don't even check my OWN boxes . . .

Oh wait . . . that's not good, is it?