Friday, January 23, 2009

Bethany's Big Day

Bethany in the playroom before surgery

Brave Bethany had her tonsils & adenoids removed today. After experiencing this common surgery, I will no longer think of this procedure as just no big deal. It is a big deal when it's your child. Thankfully, CooksChildren's Hospital sees it that way, too.

We started out our morning with the alarm set for 4:15 am. We left home at 5:30, arriving at Cook's in plenty of time to nurse Audrey before we went in while Bethany snoozed a while in the car. We were greeted in surgery check in by our friend Shelly's Aunt Carol, who took care of Bethany as we prepared for surgery. Bethany was great, such a trooper! The anesthesiologist blew Bethany's mood with his bold presence in the room and abrupt speech, but she recovered when she saw the huge playroom (aka waiting room). You'd think it was any other day, except the play date pals all had on hospital issued gowns.

The best part of the day was the giggle juice time! Even though Bethany, with much dignity, proclaimed she would not act silly, she indeed did. I have video for any future boyfriends :).

Even though she felt drunk, I still knew she still wanted me with her when she said, "I'm sorry you can't stay with me." However, she gave me great kisses and waved bye to the camera.

The surgery was very fast and Dr. Strange was out assuring us that Bethany was fine in no time. A nurse stayed with her as she woke up then they brought her to the step down unit to recover with us. When I saw her, she was crying and scared and I could tell her tears weren't fresh. My heart broke and I wondered if we'd made the wrong decision to do this. My mind started racing with thoughts like, "Well, she only snored really bad when she was sick...we probably could have waited for her to grow out of this... maybe it wasn't worth this pain."

With the oxygen mask to get her oxygen levels up to normal

Those thoughts crept back into my head many times in the next couple of hours. She was so miserable, tearful and in pain-and asleep. She'd wake suddenly, be her little miserable self, then go back to sleep. Thankfully she ate right away but her oxygen levels weren't staying up when she slept. We ended up staying several more hours, not going home until about 3:30.

Princess Bethany with all her recovery room gifts-watching a Barbie movie

Finally a wagon ride! That's her "Apple" horse who also got her tonsils out today!

Now, she's on the couch and doesn't even care if I exist. She has her sisters and two Barbie movies, what else could she want? Her sisters have spoiled her with a bed full of balloons, new PJ's and all the doting she can handle. Friends brought over a meal and goodies for Bethany. She jumped off the couch and proceeded to play Barbies in the kitchen floor.

I asked her how she felt about today just a bit ago. She said, "Fine." When I dug deeper and asked if she was glad we did the surgery even though it hurts, she said, "Yes, betauze I dot to be with you."
Some other great quotes from today:

"Is my blood pressure okay?" When they were putting the pulse/O2 thingy on her finger.

"Will dey wet me take my tonsils home? Can dey put dem in a box?"

"I want to ride in the wagon. It has cup holders, see?"

"I need more warm blankets." Princess Bethany discovered the luxury of toasty flannel blankets!

"Uhmm, do dey know I tan (can) walk?" When they insisted she not walk alone all day, she began to suspect they really didn't realize she had the ability!"

"Mom, I'm sorry people have to stay here all night. We need to pway for dem."

There were some great people who made today so much easier-our parents for watching the other girls (and my mom stocked our fridge & pantry with all Bethany's requests!), Jennifer for coming with us to hold Audrey, Dr. Leslie for being our consultant-oh and for telling us where to get those ugly hospital pacifiers Audrey loves! Summer, thanks for the meal, I sure didn't feel like cooking tonight! My big girls blessed me as well-on their own accord, they spent their money to buy Bethany treats. When Beth, Audrey, Shane & I were in Target, Bethany wanted to buy gifts for her sisters waiting back at home. I love how they love each other-but that's another post :)
Thanks to all of you who prayed for our BB. It means so much to us.
Peace Out.


Marcia said...

Praise the Lord that all went well. She is a real trooper! I know completely what you mean when you said, "it's a big deal when it is your child!" So true!!! I felt the same way with Jesse's knee surgery.

I'm so glad she is doing so well. Praying for a continued speedy recovery for her. She is a doll!


Anonymous said...

Thrilled it all went well!


Tefertiller Tribe said...

I am so glad you posted. . .I have been so anxious to hear. Sorry it wasn't as easy as we have been told!

Janet said...

She is so cute, and apparently quite a 'thinker' as seen by some of her remarks! I like Dr. Strange, he did JB2's tonsil/adnoids too. Praise God for protecting little BB. (He must really like your girls, lol). When JB2 had his done, we had gone outside to get some air when they called us & said everything was great, we could see him in about 30 mins. Not a minute later they called back & said come back NOW. His oxygen level had gone way down & his heart stopped. They had to resuscitate him. By the time we got up there everything was ok. SCARY STUFF! Our Anesthesiolist told us he was sensitive to anesthesia & not to have him put under again unless it was extremely necessary. I agree with my friend at church who's a nurse, she says "there's no such thing as a simple procedure. They're ALL a big deal" (when you're put under). But you're right, Cooks is a great place to take them, they treat child & parent like they're the most important one there.
Love you all, glad your home on this crisp cold day!

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

Bless her little heart. I will have to come tell her all about when I had mine out (I was about the same age) - and bring her a box of sugar-free popcicles!! :-)

I am so glad she did so well - she's such a "Big Girl"!!

We're afraid Jake may need to have his done - at 16 months, he's already a snorer . . .

Tell Bethy we love her!!

Andrea said...

How very, very sweet.... You are raising an awesome group of women. I am most impressed, gladdened and touched by it all. You did the right thing, by the way! Love you bunches!

Luke said...

This is very good news indeed. Have a great week!


mary grace said...

Having been through this three times now, I can honestly say that I agree with you. It IS a big deal when it's your child. Waiting during the surgery is horrible. And yes, I cried each time I sent my baby off to surgery ... even when the baby was my 11 year-old! :-)

Praying for a great, speedy recovery!