Monday, January 5, 2009

Bethany Date

I took some of my family out in public today. You never know what will happen with this crew... Bethany had an appointment with an ear, nose & throat specialist early this morning. We drove about an hour and a half in the freezing rain to get there, but that didn't deter us! We had plans for the day-it was a Bethany date!

I mentioned lately that I wanted to draw this child out more. What I've learned is that it takes NO effort if she's alone. I had her in the car by ourselves recently and she chattered the entire time. Today was no different. Never mind the 3.5 hours of stories and songs I put on my mp3 player for her (at her request even), she wanted to talk today. And talk she did. Well, until she fell asleep (which was good, we needed a break!). What a blessing it was to be with her today! This will be an easy resolution to keep-it's very rewarding to hang with our BB. As a side note-I think most people who seem hard to draw out are very worth investing the time in-so if you have someone like that in your life, pursue them!

As soon as we got out of the doctor's office (where she refused to talk, by the way), she wanted to go to Mimi's Cafe for lunch. Never mind that it was only 10 am. We put her off a bit and checked out Sam's first. Here she is being cute as ever over mini corn dogs and fries.

This is how you share a french fry with Dad!
I realized this morning that she probably thought she was actually getting her tonsils out today, and I was right. When I apologized for not explaining it well and asked if she was nervous about today, she said, "No, betaus when I det my tonsils out, I det to dwink a lot of soda." I wish you could have heard her say soda. It came out with an New Yorker's accent. We rarely drink sodas and when we do, we don't call them sodas, we call them cokes, like every good Texan. I reminded her that soda is not good for her and she replied that it was indeed good, "...betaus de doctor said it would make me feel betta." Um, no. He didn't. Nice try.
I've figured out that she's really milking this tonsil thing. Not only is she ordering sodas, but she was playing a game with her sisters this evening and I overheard her say, "Duys (guys) you have to wet me win betaus I'm just a wittle dirl (girl) and I have to have my tonsils out." Oh boy are we in trouble.
Here's the break I was talking about :) She's wearing what she calls her "night cap" so she can sleep. She's so cute she might just get some soda.

PS-I have to share one of her latest Bethyisms. She is in the habit of wanting to replace words with other words as a game. For instance, she might say, "Okay, Mom, when I say the word frog, it really means help." (This is when you can't just nod and absent mindedly agree, she'll bust you every time.) Well I had asked her to do something she didn't want to, like put on her PJs or something like that. She said a hearty, "Oh maaaaaan!". Then she quickly added, "Mom, when I say oh man, it really means yes ma'am!".

9 comments: said...

oh your pics are so cute!

Luke said...

[smile] Ah, kids.


Jennifer said...

That was sweet. Hope her appointment went well. When do you go back?

Vix said...


Janet said...

I love your stories of the girls individually. It shows us their 'God created personalities' and keeps them from being 'just one of the girls'.
Thanks for sharing, she is so precious! Let us all know when her procedure is so we can pray for her.

Wendy said...

Surgery date is still pending. They can do it as early as the 16th, but Shane is checking with work first. Hopefully we'll have a date this week.

Thanks for the concern for her, we'll post for everyone to pray-thanks for the reminder, Janet :)

ShelbyLinn said...

She is SO adorable! I just love the way she talks. Nearly every thing she says just cracks me up!

Jen said...

and after reading this she just might get a better birthday present than Hope :-)

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

LOL, she is such a HOOT!!

Tell her that when I got my tonsils out, I got lots of Jello and Ice Cream, but no sodas . . . :-(

BTW, I love the "night cap"!!