Friday, January 16, 2009

Check these out

I was just reading on Making Home and saw this link about an abortionist turned prolifer. His testimony is so very vivid. I challenge anyone who is pro-choice to read his story and evaluate his experiences.

Other folks who've been in the pro-death camp but are now pro-life:
Carol Everett-incredible story!
Bernard Nathanson-responsible for over 75,000 abortions, including his own child. You know all the beautiful pictures of the unborn? He's the one who captured those.

Hop on over to Making Home and read through her other links today. There are some especially good ones for married women and how we can bless our husbands and enrich our marriages.

Just a side note here-our family would appreciate your prayers today. We've had someone pretty interested in our land and we're looking at a house today. We want to be in God's timing here. I'll update you all this weekend in a weekly wrap up style post.


Wendy Byard said...

Hi Wendy:
I came across your blog and thought you might be interested in a soon-to-be released, Christ-based book I've written. It's called Teach and Reach for Classroom Miracles! Lessons on Teaching with Love. It encourages teachers, youth leaders, and anyone in a position of empowering others to help create miracles through love. If you're interested, you may visit (I'm also a Wendy!). The book is available for pre ordering at and
Thanks for letting me share.
God bless.
Wendy Byard

Jennifer said...

We will be praying about your land. How exciting to be looking for a house. It's always fun. I know you're ready for something newer and bigger. Definitely keep us updated.