Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When I am old...

Today I was in line next to an older lady and she got me to thinking...

There are a few things I want to remember when I am old.

First-Just One Squirt of perfume will do. I also hope to have my young hip daughters pick out my perfume so I will never have old lady perfume syndrome. Oh my, you know that stuff doesn't come off kids' faces well! I cringe when my little ones are hugged by a perfume bather!

Second-Choose Life. When visiting with my Grandma yesterday, we were discussing our recent health problems (hers was much more serious than mine). We agreed it may be the scariest thing on earth to feel like you can't breathe. She said she prayed, maybe out loud, maybe silently, "That the Word says to choose life, so I choose life, Lord, I choose life." Y'all, she's 89 years old. She hurts all day long. No one would fault her for going Home, yet she chose life in the middle of confusing pain.

Third-I'll tell big families they are blessed. It seems the Great Generation is drawn to our family. We get stopped by little old men and women who happily give us proverbial pats on the back for having a big family. They usually have fond memories of lots of siblings. I love their sage attitudes about family. You know, those attaboys even make up for certain family members' comments that aren't so, ahem, positive.


Luke said...

I think the problem of perfume baths may have to do with a decline in sensory feedback. Just as kids put everything in their mouth to get a better feel for the item, so the elderly douse themselves with 'fumes so they are able to smell something.

Just a guess.

But I'm not a fan of 'fumes much, so any restraint people put forth is appreciated [smile].


D Unstoppable Mom said...

Big families ARE blessed! Sorry if I don't tell you that I believe that! I would have one if my body had cooperated and the Lord had willed it!

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

Ah yes, the proverbial "nay sayer" in the family. And we all know her well (if it's the one person i'm thinking of - WHOM WE ALL LOVE DEARLY . . .)

I am proud to say my cousin in law has a big family!

Wendy said... mom's family was here recently, too...although I've found them to be sweet supporters of this big family for the most part :)