Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is my Christmas present from Shane. Yes, I finally got an mp3 player. I know all of you, except Luke, have one and you've had one for years but mine is only a few days old. I didn't think I'd use one enough to justify the purchase until I used my friend Shelly's while hanging out in the hospital. I used hers a few times at home before I reluctantly gave it back. I didn't realize you could still hear outside sounds while rocking out at the sink, but, lo and behold, when my children argue and fight I still get to be referee!

Although I've used it a lot the last week, mp3 moms have to be careful. Here's what I'm thinking, feel free to add to it:

It can't consume us. Listening to Nancy Leigh DeMoss teachings about being godly mothers does not trump our children's needs. Being available to our kids takes priority. Just know you're going to have to use the pause button frequently.

Keep it down. I can't lecture my children on the dangers of listening too loud if they can hear Chris Tomlin pulsing in my ears.

Keep it legal. A woman of integrity isn't going to pirate her music. Even if most of her church family does. It's still illegal because it's umm, like stealing!

Keep it diverse. I've enjoyed listening to everything from Tin Man Jones, MercyMe, Lifehouse, and Nicole C Mullen to Canon in D. I also downloaded a lot of (free!) podcasts from Oneplace.com. I've been listening to podcasts about homemaking, Advent, exercise, parenting teens, along with a few sermons. It's a simple way to get some good info in while doing housework, nursing the baby, or walking.

Keep it clean. This player came with some factory placed songs. Yuck. One was especially explicit. Given that kids get these players, I cringe. I let Bethany use my player before I heard the song. Thankfully, she's too young to get the lyrics, but it could have easily been her older sisters listening.

Keep it cool. I didn't like the ear buds that came with my Sony (they didn't fit) so while shopping for my super discounted Christmas cards for 2009, I found these red Skullcandy Ink'd beauties for a steal.

Okay, so the last one isn't too critical ;) What would you add or disagree with? Have you found a good source for (legal) downloads? How about kid friendly downloads for their mp3 players?


Luke said...

You are so cool now [smile].

Actually, those are really good pointers, and I agree with all of them.

As for a good source of legal music: We love us some Overclocked Remix at our house. Granted, it's a site with fan made Game Techno remixes, but we're nerdy enough to love it. Since it's mostly user generated content some of it is really lame. If you'd like some recommendations, I'd be happy to tell you want we like. But just to give you a taste, one of my favorites is Sonic's Green Hill Zone Euroclub Mix: Listen to it here. You can even hear the rings toward the end.

One caution: It's a gamer site, so some of the ads may be less than ideal for children.


D Unstoppable Mom said...

That is the same MP3 that I got!! RED too! I hate the ear buds too...oh did I mention I got mine for FREE!!!! Sony points!

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

ROTFLOL!!! Lovin the ear buds - yet somehow I can't picture them in YOUR ears . . .

I like Nichole Nordeman, DC Talk and Chrystal Lewis - great songs!!

Wendy said...

Jennifer-why can't you imagine me using those ear buds?