Friday, December 26, 2008

2009 Vision

I think it's important for moms, especially those who stay at home day in and day out to have a vision. The last year or so, I've had a vision for the year. Last year was Peace. I was in a funk emotionally and needed that peace. God showed me over & over last year much about peace.

This year, I feel He's prompting me to declare victory over some areas. I know I need victory over sugar. I would like victory over the details of handling our finances and staying on budget. I'm open to Him showing me more as the year goes on. This is not about making a perfect me in my strength, it's about allowing the Lord to grow me in whatever way he wants. It might be so small that no one else knows and that's okay, it's between me & my Lord :)

So, in keeping with this victory theme, here's what I'll be working on in 2009:

*Eating Fine in 2009 Challenge-no refined/artificial sugar

*Better Budgeting

Both of these will be spurred on by the Book Club I'm getting in on (see side bar button)-the first book is Your Money of Your Life. These books are cheap enough anyone can afford it, so go check it out at Simple Mom's site.

*Being on purpose more with the girls. Specifically: Ashlyn-touching more (it gets challenging when they aren't cuddly babies anymore), Hope-listening to better, Bethany-drawing her out more, Jaika-continuing to cuddle, Audrey-looking into her eyes & interacting, not multitasking.

*Stopping to smell the roses of my home-for me this means living more not just surviving. We have a bird feeder & new identification guides to help us get to know our feathered friends, I want to keep trying new recipes, and I'd like to do more crafts with the girls & maybe even just for my pleasure! (Denise get ready to come over & cook! I'm ready to get going!)

*Getting into the Word again (I'm not so good at this with a new baby!). I now own the One Year Chronological Bible, which I've been interested in for some time. Can't wait to get started-and I hope to make in past February this time!

*Finally, I need victory over my carpal tunnel. I've battled it for a few years, yet it went totally away when I was pregnant. I'm back to wearing the wrist braces but am still experiencing pain & numbness, which will keep me from learning some of the new crafts I am interested in. I plan to get a referral to a pain management doctor my OB uses for her carpal tunnel and if that doesn't work, I'm ready for surgery. I need my hands!

Does your family need Momma to have some vision? Does this idea get you excited or stress you out?


D Unstoppable Mom said...

I am ready, just don't know if I can cook without sugar!! :) We are crafting some..the girls got looms and latch hook for Christmas.

My carple tunnel only flared during pregnacy.

Great visions, I have so much planned that I hope I haven't shot myself in the foot already!

Luke said...

Those sound like really good goals. Especially the bits about your daughters. May you all grow closer together this year.

I like the poetic nature of them too: Eating Fine in 2009 and Better Budgeting [smile].

I'm rooting for you!


Wendy said...

Come on Luke, don't you want to join us in no sugar, lol ;)

D, are you going no sugar? It sounds like you are but you said no way before...Dr. Smith said carpral tunnel usually gets much worse in pregnancy and was surprised mine was gone. Leave it to me to be backwards, lol :)

Oh, and my foot is twitching...the gun is loaded and aimed squarely at my toes. Oh well, shoot for the stars and hit the moon, right? Is that how that saying goes?

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

Great vision! I think mine this year is housework - keeping on task with that. Also stressing less . . .