Friday, March 21, 2008

Okay, here's the update...

I don't even know what to say...bottom line: The sulphur works during the day, but at night I'm as good as dead. The witch doctor (ha ha) told me the right remedy will work all the time, so Thursday afternoon we met in the old, abandoned Wal-Mart parking lot where she gave me a high potency dose of another homeopathic remedy. She warned me that this one might make me feel worse before I felt better.

So, I took the dose and went back to work. When I got home an hour or so later, I started the "worse". I was nauseous, couldn't tolerate noise or light (it aggravated me to no end when I had to use my cell phone; it was soo bright in our super dark bedroom). I didn't want to be alone, but I didn't want to talk or be touched. I was angry and restless, along with a little disoriented. Shane, who should have been asleep, volunteered to take the big girls (well, he actually took all of them) to karate since I was such a mess. I hid in the bedroom. Finally, my bladder won and I had to venture out to the restroom. I found that light wasn't so bad, and I sat down at the computer. Shane came back with the littles and I regressed a little and almost threw up. I ended up on the couch with a movie and somehow started feeling fine. I was a little weak feeling, but no other symptoms. Shane had thankfully called in to work since I was so incapacitated, and I was glad since an hour or so later the regular nausea returned. I took a little of the sulphur per the witch doctor's suggestion and went to bed on the verge of the purge.

This morning and all day has been mostly nausea free. I haven't needed any hard candy or additional doses, but I have to stay on top of very frequent meals. It's getting close to the time the regular nausea returns, so the real test is yet to far, so good, though.

One thing I've realized is that the first trimester issues are more complex than just nausea. With the nausea removed, I still feel run down, both physically and emotionally. I thought that without nausea, I'd be on some kind of high, but honestly I still don't feel great. I'm very thankful for the major reduction in morning sickness, but I'm still weary of figuring out what I can eat both today and between shopping trips. What can the kids eat that won't make me sick to clean up? Can I change a diaper without gagging? Can I do dishes or will I get sick at the sight of dried on food? Should I ask Shane to run to one more place to get the craving of the hour or am I pushing it?

I feel a little guilty for not being ecstatic about not feeling sick to my stomach, but I guess God planned for us to play the first trimester nice and slow...hey, at least in that case, I'm finally in total compliance with Him!

Edit: Last night (Friday) was almost completely nausea free! I got a little sick when I had to talk on the phone, and when I went too long without eating (I'm eating like a newborn!). I was tired, so maybe that played into it, but all in all it was the best night in a few weeks.


Andrea said...

I hope your witch doctor doesn't mind being called a Vitch doctor! Does she read your blog? Or is she so secure and full of fun that she doesn't mind being referred to as the "Vitch Doctor?"

How many weeks are you now, sister friend? I continue to pray for relief from the nausea.

I don't think you should ever do the dishes until the nausea passes. (No electric dishwasher, right?) Plug in those girls! It can be a game! Right? Not right. (Okay, I remember being the little whiny girl doing the dishes!! "It's not my turn! I did it last time! It's not fair!") Hey, and how about paper and plastic wear until the nausea has been defeated? An extra expense but, perhaps, well worth it? I think it is all about you and the wee one, right now. And that's okay. Shane is protector,provider and pamperer and he needs to be taking on extra duties on right now. I don't want to be too insensitive or harsh towards Shane but remember you are the one nauseated, throwing up and tending to the million pieces of minutia that order you and your family's day. De mens gots it easy!

I was incapacitated (this is not nearly a strong enough word--how about Death Throes?)with nausea and had no wee ones. My hats are off to you and I stand amazed as you persevere with such excellent humor and insight! Don't be too hard on yourself. You are an amazing woman fully capable, altruistic, independent and self sufficient. You do, dear friend, get the extra mile award!

So, when I was in my death throes (please pardon the pun!! Get it?? HA!)Rick cooked outside. He strung the electric cord outside our tiny mobile home and cooked in the crock pot so I wouldn't have to smell anything. I'll never forget the time he made me a souffle, GAG!! He worked so hard and presented it proudly to me on my death bed....

Well, I love you green girl and look forward to sharing anything that you might have learned homeopathic wise to countless other miserable 1st trimester women.

Wendy said...

I doubt my witch doctor has internet...but even if she does, she doesn't even know I blog, so I'm safe :)

I'm 8 weeks.

Shane agreed to humble himself and have a friend come over to help install the dishwasher that is in our garage! Yay!

And, he bought groceries this week, has made several craving runs, bought paper plates & plastic cutlery. When he found out I was doing the dishes yesterday (he was coming home from cleaning a chimney) he said he wish I'd waited, he was planning on doing them when he got home. He's also done some school with the girls when I couldn't and he stayed home from work the other night when I was on what I've now identified as a "trip." So, he's helping a lot on top of working almost 60 hours a week. Granted, I wished he would have offered to do the dishes sooner but he was doing some other things he felt would help me out. So, it's all good. And he's not tried to cook me a souffle (but he has encouraged me to eat the fish in the freezer I could hardly choke down last time I ate it, lol).

Love you muchly,