Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I feel like I'm doing something illegal

With all four previous pregnancies, I've tried various methods of keeping nausea away. If you've seen it recommended, I've tried it. Ginger-ginger tea, ginger root, ginger candy, ginger snaps, sucking on hard candy, keeping crackers by my bed, eating frequently, and on and on.

Last night I talked to a friend who dabbles in homeopathy and she suggested sulphur as a remedy. This kind of remedy comes in a tiny little pill like form, and you put several under your tongue and let them dissolve. I was worried they'd taste like sulphur smells, but they don't. They're sweet, actually.

And even if they did taste bad, if they worked, I wouldn't mind. Well, I say that, but the crystallized ginger I bought today is hardly edible. Whew, ginger is strong!

I get out to the car, still at the health food store, hoping the owner, who also sells not only Ezekiel bread and organic herbs, but hair perms and beauty salon products (this cracks me up, but I was recently told the beauty stuff allows her enough profit to stock the health food stuff, so whatever). Oh, the rest of my sentence: ...hoping the owner isn't watching me and really, really hoping the sulphur doesn't taste bad since I didn't have a drink to wash it down and I didn't want to puke right there. I put a half dozen pellets in my hand and then under my tongue. I immediately felt better, but that is probably just my high hopes that something might finally work.

I have continued to take a dose every two hours or so and it seems to be working. The nausea isn't gone completely but it's gone most of the day. I got hungry a couple times and felt like I could get sick, but ate and felt better. The real test is if I can wash all the dirty dishes without gagging. We'll see. I'll keep you updated.

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Andrea said...

I am waiting with bated breath! Let me know! Praying for you, Sister.