Sunday, March 23, 2008

Birth Story 2

Well, here goes. Part two---Hope's story.

This one went a little faster, I think. I knew things were starting to happen one evening, and sure enough contractions followed. Some family came over and stayed with three year old Ash and we got to the hospital somewhere after midnight. I was dilated to a five.

My nurse was Deborah, who I feared. It turned out she was great. We were so very tired, so we cat napped between contractions that had kind of fizzled a bit. I progressed to an eight, though by shift change when my favorite nurse, Marianne became my nurse once again. We called our pastor and the family, I had a tiny dose of Stadol (my other favorite companion during labor!).

My amniotic sac was still fully intact, but my doctor promised to come break it after a morning meeting. I was about a nine at 11:30 am when he did come in and broke it. That is a strange sensation!
This got things going nicely and I had a bit more Stadol and was nearing the pushing stage. Marianne left Shane and me alone to get started pushing, although it was ineffective because of my position. Marianne later repositioned my legs and I did much better. I pushed for an hour just like in my first labor.

I was ready to quit, though. I do this every time-start saying I can't do it right as the baby's head is crowning. They encouraged me that I was almost done, they could see her head! But I quickly told them her head was the size of a three year old's!

And it was! Well, almost. She was born at 1:30 in the afternoon and weighed in at 9lbs 5 ounces. Ash was 7.5 lbs, so this was quite a difference!

Even with her size, I only had a tiny tear that didn't require stitches. I had been worried about tearing again, but Marianne assured me that it's not unusual to not tear with second or third babies-the tissue has been stretched before. She massaged during birth, which wasn't comfortable at all. I was amazed to get out of bed and feel totally normal-this is what it was supposed to feel like? I had no idea!

We let Ash come in alone before any family, so she could get to know her little sister. We offered her two names: Bethany or Sarah and she picked Sarah. Sarah Hope.

Oh, and she was also born on her due date! Very fun for this slightly type A mom!


Andrea said...

Hoperoni! I didn't remember her weighing so much! That is a huge difference in weights. No gestational diabetes? I'll have to share your story with Marianne; it will bless her! Do you think I will make it to this delivery??? Hopie looked so classy yesterday in her dress. You've been greatly blessed, sister friend. I'm glad Ash chose Sarah Hope. Why didn't you call her Sarah?

Wendy said...

No gestational diabetes, but I did have a huge sugar habit.

You won't make it if we casually call you again...we had no idea J's birth would be so quick...

My Aunt does call her Sarah and when she's in trouble she hears that name :) I liked Hope best, so that's why, I guess.

Andrea said...

#5 will be very fast once you get going. You could have the Dr. break your water so it could be a little more planned. Just promise me you will not go over!!!