Friday, March 28, 2008

Baby Talk

A random note: I wrote all the birth story posts and the twaddle, ur I mean escape literature, (right Summer?) post last weekend or early in the week and posted them throughout the week. I hate it that blogger adds so many spaces when you save a post as a draft. Anyone know if I'm causing it, let me know.

Not so random note: I've never registered for baby items. We registered for our wedding shower back before computerized registries existed. Y'all remember the big black binder at Wal-Mart they kept at the service desk?

So, I'm thinking of registering for this baby. Not that I need all that much, but what I do want isn't available at Wal-Mart or any brick and morter store I've been to. I'm looking at this site for cloth diapers, which is essentially all I need. Well, I mean if it's a girl.

If this is a boy, my friends and family will probably insist I not put him in Jaybird's infant pink car seat. I have a feeling the grandmothers won't be able to resist buying him more clothes than we can even store, so I'm not worried about that at all. This is the first boy on either side (we're the only ones with children so far).

But, if this is a boy, it does bring up a few problems. Does he get his own room? Are group baths going to be a thing of the past? Do I have to change my email address and blog title?

Hope has a solution for this, she shared it at dinner. I was finished eating and was poking around the Cotton Babies site I linked to above, just looking at cute carriers. Hope joined me and was pointing out good ones for a girl. Then she said, "If this is a boy, it will mess up everything. But we could send him to...what's it called? Public school?"

I love it!


Andrea said...

Boy, does that sound like Hope!!! She'll solve that problem for you, Hopey Style! sounds good to me! And, eventually he will need his own room but certainly not as a newborn or toddler. Dave slept in his brother's closet on a cot for many a year. The washing machine was on the other side of the wall and, to this day, he loves a wash going on while he sleeps.

Andrea said...

Well, you know what I mean: or

Anonymous said...

Nah, group baths and shared rooms will still be good for another 5-6 years. Until that little guy realizes he has a winky and his sisters don't. LOL My two still love to share a room. Their refusal to settle down and go to sleep will likely end it before other issues would.