Saturday, March 8, 2008

Baby names, round I

Shane and I have agreed on three baby names. I know we have four children, but I was outvoted on one. I'm pushing to pick this one's name. Shane said that's fine, as long as he agrees. Let me tell you a little secret. I have a long list of acceptable names to me. He doesn't like any of them. His agreement will not come easily.

Here's what I found tonight that I like. Just a list, not any are for sure at all:

Girls: Audrey (this makes my list everytime), Ella, Elenor, Maillie, although I like M-a-l-l-i-e better, Cheney, Elise, Jenay, Jolie (I always like Julienne, I wouln't want Jolie as real name, maybe a nick name).

Boys: Jase is our standby-Garrett Jase or Gavin Jase (the first is my pick, the second is Shane's, Brennan, Bradford (cool middle name, I think...happens to be a friend's maiden name), Colby, that's it...but I know I have more boy names locked in my brain. How about Hamlin? It means little-home lover. So, is it that he loves his little home (perfect for us!) or is he a little guy who loves home (perfect for any mother's son). I don't really like Hamilin, don't worry, the meaning just caught my eye.

How about Elise Lucy F.? Her initials would be cute. Don't worry, even though Lucy was my great grandmother's name, Shane already axed it.

My aunt told me today that a coworker named her twins (boy & girl) Hatcher and Finley. Not sure which one is which. Of course, Shane likes Hatcher. And Arial. And Cray. I smell fish.


Anonymous said...

How about Audrey Lucille or Bradford Garrett? You could call her Lucy and him Brad.


Jamie said...

We also had a grandmother whose name was Aisa, I believe. You might want to check with Circus Joey or Grandma to be sure, but I thought it was unique and meaninful. Or you could name her or him Jamie. he he he

Andrea said...

Well, now is this an open invitation or what?

i'mDmommy said...

Ya know that my #1's middle is Lucy so that is a fave of mine!!!