Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Okay, someone told me I haven't blogged much lately but I'm wondering if I she meant I haven't blogged much about our family lately since I think I've blogged about as much as usual-whatever usual is. I have a lot of random things in my head to update you on, so I'll fire away.

Ashlyn's sleepover was such a blast. The two friends she had over are jewels-an answer to prayer. There are stories to tell-especially of Shane taking all of them to the mall, but I'll save those for another day :)

The same morning as the party, Shane saw his cardiologist for tests ordered to figure out why he's had some chest pain. The results-all is fine. His irregular heartbeat (which is neither good or bad we're told) is probably causing the pain. In the mean time, he's lost about 15 lbs since December and his uniforms now require his regular belt and duty belt to hold them up :)

Oh, and someone else informed me I didn't tell you all that the land sale fell through. We're really bummed and feel sorry for the couple who were going to buy only to find out they had an issue 20 years old pop up and surprise them.

I'm starting to realize Spring & Summer are hard months to be Single Momming it. With Shane's schedule, he's either playing security guard or asleep most evenings, so social events (like cookouts, baseball practice--that's social for us, lol--are entirely handled by me. Ugghh. Last year I promised over and over that we wouldn't do baseball again if Shane were on nights. Well, he's on nights still yet somehow Ashlyn & Hope are signed up for least Bethany isn't interested in baseball one bit.

Not sure I can make this clear-but I'm missing people in my "home" life group (the group of folks who are from all different churches who've been meeting weekly for several years). TM-this means you, and the Wards. Call me so we can have you over for dinner (and please invite your new gal, I can't wait to meet her!) However, our church also has life groups and we've been restructured recently. I wasn't so sure I'd like the new & improved group, but I am really loving getting to know all our new friends. Amber, I hope you & Roger can make it and Stephanie, our quick phone conversation really blessed me last week. I can't wait to have you over to observe our crazy school!

So, consider yourself informed :) I really plan to share about Shane's girly trip to the mall as well as the work God's doing even though I'm in a spiritual pout right now. And don't forget to enter the photo contest below if you haven't already. I'll send the submissions to some non-readers (my parents, if you can believe it!) and have them pick one.

Peace Out!

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Luke said...

Whoa! I feel so informed now [laughing].

Always glad to see you've posted [smile].