Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Even babies enjoy books when learning is fun & natural

Texas homeschoolers have it so easy-no reporting, no testing...nuthin'. Our school district doesn't officially know we exist (although they couldn't have missed us, we live just yards away from the ISD administrative building).
So, it chaps me when I hear a homeschool mom say, "My kids played tag for an hour at church, so I'm counting that as PE."
Counting it where? No one looks at our records (if we even keep records, since we don't have to).
This type of thinking reflects an attitude that school & life are two separate entities. I beg to differ. I think the combination of learning & living in whole fashion is beautiful. Scripture tells us it works, too.
Deuteronomy tells us to teach our children as we walk, talk, eat, get up & lie down. Wendy's Paraphrased Version: As you do life together, teach your kids.
Don't look for things to count on some imaginary list of things you must teach for school verses what you must teach for life. It's all one big ball of wax, my friend, so don't stress over it!
As you walk, talk about the different types of bird nests and see if you can spy one or two. Plant some sunflower seeds together, measuring out the 15" between each seed. Apply biblical solutions to problems your children face with their friends. As you lie down, read good books, not twaddle-then discuss them! As you get up, listen to hymns, math facts, or classical music together. When they can't sleep, encourage them to recite their memorized verses or read their Bible...I could go on, but you get the picture.

I hope you can see the above examples would result in a much more vibrant learning/living than only "learning" when the kitchen table is laden with text books (which is sometimes appropriate, but not as a lifestyle).

Don't count segments of your life for school, count the moments you have with your charges as precious, then jump into life and learn together!


Luke said...

Love the photo [smile].

There are many people who do have to report on the "subjects" they have been teaching their children... which, as you point out, is rather unfortunate. It does smack of a separation of learning and life.

A love for life long learning? I much prefer that! [smile]


Summer said...

I agree with you whole-heartedly, or atleast as much as a freaky public school mom can :) Livin' in the country makes for some very interesting teachable moments all the time(or they're teaching me anyway, I don't know about the kids!)