Sunday, March 22, 2009

Calling Cindy & Tales from the Garden

Would the Cindy who responded to the photo contest email me at Denise graciously declined the prize, and since I've recently been blessed with items from Laura's shop, I'd like to pass the gift certificate on to Cindy, who had my favorite caption. So Cindy, shoot me an email, girl!

Y'all, we've had a great weekend! Our house is piled up with laundry since we've spent most of the weekend outside tilling a garden spot. Since we're living in my Grandma's former home, we have a garden she left behind. Most things have stopped growing, but the layout is there. I'm honored to plant tomatoes in the same place she did...using her old cages. It was fabulous watching the girls pull their shoes off and beg to run in the freshly turned soil.

We moved the swing set next to the garden so that all of us can enjoy being outside together & I can keep an eye on the little ones. The Ergo baby carrier was pulled out of storage so Audrey could participate-she's a trooper in there!

It's a hoot gardening with Shane. Hillbilly meets Miss Granola. This summer gardening thing is going to produce lots of good blogging material no doubt!

Shane: Whatcha reading?
Me: Garrett's Organic Gardening Guide. Did you know we need to add compost tea and native cedar chips? Hey, I think we should also send out soil to this lab they talk about so we know what additive to put in it.
Shane (with eyes glazing over): Uh huh...
Me: Oh, so you just want to throw some tomato plants in the dirt and hope for the best, huh?
Shane: Well, YEAH.

Boy oh boy...what fun we have when we embark on adventures we know nothing about! Off to go fold some laundry!

PS-I'll add some pics later, the camera is MIA...probably under Mt. Laundry!

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