Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Passion of Mine

A mom in a brand new Mustang pulled up opposite in the store parking lot the other day. I couldn't be sure, but it appeared her little girl (age 5 or so) wasn't even wearing a seat belt before she hopped out of the front seat. I was nursing Audrey while Shane was in the store so I was able to watch the little girl get back in the car whent they returned. Sure enough, neither of them buckled up before they drove off.

A few years ago I was behind a pick up truck going down one of the most dangerous highways in our area. There was a toddler standing in the seat between his parents. I was crazy enough to follow them into town and when they pulled into Tractor Supply, I nervously approached them. I asked them if they had a car seat, explaining I could get them one if they need me to. They explained that although they own one, their child cries the whole time so they don't make him sit in it. I left saying, "Well, I'd rather have a crying child than a dead child."

Okay, maybe it was over the top. But that's me I guess.

And here I go again.

Some of my biggest pet peeves involve car seats & kids.

Kids don't need to be in front seats. Ashlyn isn't even in the front seat if I can help it and she's almost 12. Air bags in our older cars can kill our children. Infants don't need to be faced forward before age 1 AND 20 lbs (if even then). And oh my. Don't carry your infant in your arms while you pick up your big kids from school.

SortaCrunchy has posted twice about this issue lately and her links and info are highly recommended. There is new information about our bigger kids (think booster seat age/size) needing a 5 point harness to keep them from flying out of their seat, through the window and onto the pavement at 70 miles an hour.

Okay, over the top again? Sorry. Well, not really. God gave us these kids-gave us a womb to shelter them for 9 months and we are the ones responsible for their safety while we're on the road. Guys, this is serious. I've seen our car after Shane rolled it (our safe Expedition). It was sobering to see our child safety seats covered in debris. We were so thankful that our kids weren't with him.

We have kids. We have to drive. We have the responsibility to make our kids as safe as we can.

Buckle them well, guys. They can't do it for themselves.


Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

I am 100% behind you on the front seat, back seat, buckle issues. Nothing peeves me more.

I was in a car accident with a friend of mine when I was in high school. The car hit us on my side. I was lucky enough to escape - shaken - but with only a bump on the head. Had I NOT been wearing my seatbelt, I would have died that day.

People, don't be idiots. Like Wendy said - I'd rather have a screaming child than a dead one. That also brings up another issue - controlling one's children . . . Hmm . . . Maybe that'll be MY next blog . . . ?

Raoulysgirl said...

After working auto accidents as a firefighter (with my hubby)and surviving a roll-over myself, I am a car-safety FANATIC!!! The funny thing is that, if a child is MADE to ride in a carseat from birth...and if the parents follow suit by diligently wearing seat belts...there should be no crying and screaming episodes from the kiddos...as this is normal...and they really don't know that they can ride WITHOUT one! My oldest just turned 8...but since she still uses a "booster" seat...and will until I feel that she can safely ride without one...like when she's 20! Neither of my kids have EVER screamed about being in a carseat...because they've never ridden WITHOUT one...and they won't until it is safe for them to do so!!! Great post!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, though I completely agree that ALL kids should be in car seats until they are large enough to be safe without one, I do know that putting them and keeping them in a car seat from day one does not necessarily mean that they won't scream every time they are in one. There is a sweet young lady in my daughter's Sunday School class who screamed bloody murder every time she was put in her car seat. Her parents were diligent with it, but is made for miserable trips. I know this to be a fact, since I have known her family since she was but a few months old.