Friday, April 24, 2009

SAHM Ministries

Let's explore the topic of ministry as a stay at home mamma. I know that our family is our primary ministry and if we're staying home minding a gaggle of children, we're busy, busy, busy. But that doesn't excuse us from ministry; from the "go ye therefore..." mandate.

So how do you put the go in that command?

I know a great mom who is very mindful of raising good kids and still finds herself carving out some time each week for her local Pregnancy Resource Center. Last week, her ministry there led to a baby being saved from death.

Another big family I know is taking the kids and serving in a pantry for the local victims of the mass fires we had recently. Very cool.

But what about those of us who really aren't in a season where we can get out of the house to minister? I've thought about a few things and would love to hear what's working in your life.

Here's mine:
*Being available to help new homeschool moms. I have two right now who've been calling or coming by for advice and encouragement. One even sat in on school last week, which was really fun!

*Being a Facebook friend. No, I mean it-who on your list of friends needs some encouragement or prayer? This is perfect for busy moms since you can access it 24/7.

*Prayer warrior-I don't get large pieces of time to hide away and pray, but I can sure pray with my girls before school and I pray while doing dishes, driving, rocking the baby, and when I wake to nurse in the night.

*Jot a note. We all love to get real mail. You'll make someone's day if you send them a handwritten note telling them you're thinking of them.

*Online connections-a strange thing has happened since joining Freecycle. In case you don't know how it works, you join an email list for your local area, then you can post/read about items no longer needed or ones people are needing. If you can meet the need, you respond to that person. Several times people have needed items the pregnancy centers offer and I've been able to spread the word about that ministry. Today I offered a cradle to a woman who later told me she & her husband were both laid off last month. I was able to offer some encouragement and prayer (even if she didn't know I prayed). I'm in contact with a mom of three who needs a breastpump ASAP. It's not a huge deal, but aren't the blessings of life usually the little things?

*Find a cashier to bless. My goodness, cashiers have rough jobs! I watched a few weeks ago as one kept her calm while dealing with a rude customer who ultimately purposefully spilled his coke on her conveyer belt. If you can find "your" cashier, get to know her a little and ask how she's doing with her garden or her granddaughter or whatever she's shared with you, you'll be able to bless her.

*How about your husband's co-workers? Can you send a crock pot of roast to work with your man? A cake or homemade cookies?

I know there's more-some I don't do, like helping out neighbors (we don't even know our neighbors...but we should), offering to babysit, calling the elderly in your church, taking your pastor's family a home cooked meal...tell me more!

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