Monday, April 27, 2009

Prayer Requests

Just a quick update, then a very serious prayer request.

We have found a house that might be a great fit for us. We need to have some things checked out before we go further (like the a/c, the well, and the roof) but we'd appreciate your prayer for all of this to fall together right. We need our land to sell and for wisdom regarding this house and if it is indeed for us.

We took the girls to see the King Tut exhibit in Dallas today. We're studying this time period in school, so it was perfect! I'd like to go back to the museum with just Shane and also as a family to enjoy it more.

My Grandma turned 90 on Saturday and we had a little party. My aunt made an incredible scrapbook with contributions from all the family members. She also bound a very thick book of all our contributed memories-even memories from the 5 year old great-grandchildren. My Grandma was overwhelmed! It was very funny to hear someone wish her "many more" and she replied, "Well, maybe, but maybe not, you know."

Okay, on to the most imporant part-we have a little friend who turns 3 tomorrow, his name is Grant. His mom Amy and grandmother Susan work at our Pregnancy Center. Grant's been sick for several days and was taken today to Cooks Children's Hospital where they are almost sure he has leukemia. He's so very very ill. He may start treatment as early as tomorrow. Amy and her husband have a baby as well. Please get on your knees for them. I'll be posting updates here as I get them.

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Luke said...

Lord, I ask that You would work out the details on this house and land sale. Give clear direction and may everything go smoothly and well.

I also lift up Grant to You. Give the doctors wisdom and his family peace. May the treatment be effective and exactly what he needs. Amen.