Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New 'do

Hope & Jaika Before

Both Jaika & Hope got some drastic haircuts yesterday. Jaika has so much hair, it almost looks like a thick wig. She's only two but she had-until yesterday-hair down to her shoulder blades. She's a bit of a messy eater, so food is often on her cheeks, then hair is stuck to her cheeks...then her hair is matted and sticky. I decided it's too much trouble to keep it clean, so we cut it off yesterday. I think it's adorable! Hope got in on the action and cut a lot of length off her hair as well. Bethy chose to have a few inches drop to the floor, Ashlyn got a trim and I got a new cut as well, but I'm just not as cute as a toddler so we'll leave off the pics.
I love the freedom in our home to do what we want with our hair. After all, it's just hair. It'll grow back. I've seen little girls and women with long, thick hair--but full of split ends. The hair is often praised (especially by daddies). Long hair in and of itself is not valuable and sometimes not practical. It gets to over 100 degrees here, often for many days in a row. How fair is it for Dad (in a short hair cut) to make his daughter keep her thick hair long? (I'm not talking about families who have religious beliefs about long hair...that's different.)
So, the moral of this story-chill out and have fun with hair. If you want it long, keep the split ends away and it'll look great!

Hope & Jaika After


Brandi said...

cute cuts for both of the girls

Summer said...

I saw Hope yesterday at practice and I thought she'd had her hairs cut...but then I couldn't remember what it looked like before so wasn't sure. So, thanks for clearing that up for me! :) They both look great! I wish mine and Season's hair would grow as quickly as your girls' I will NEVER cut her hair short again... So what's your new do?

Anonymous said...

What a change! Jaika looks much older now.