Monday, February 16, 2009

Last week in review

It's a good thing Audrey is so laid back and tolerant of her big sisters' attention!

Little late this time! Monday is still the weekend for me, kind of, since Shane's home.

We're in the contract signing stage of the land sale. It looks like we might be in a new (to us) house somewhere around this fall. At that point we'll be out of debt and will have bought a used SUV (debt free!) to haul these kiddos around in. We're very excited about it all!
On Valentine's Day, my parents and I took the girls to a Purple Martin info meeting. We're studying birds right now, so it was perfect timing. I didn't know much about these highly beneficial birds except that they only live in "manufactured housing", meaning they no longer live in their own nests. People who court these birds are serious!

Some of the houses on display at the event.

Finally, the Bethanyism of the week:
I had Audrey in my lap and Bethany and I were chatting. Bethany said, "I'm so glad we have Audrey. Even if she's stupid, we'll still love her." Hey, at least its apparent there's plenty of unconditional love around our place, lol.


Janet said...

It's funny, knowing Bethany's sweet spirit, we think that's cute. If it were one of the older girls they'd be grounded! lol
I love the things she says...reminds me of JB2!

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

ROTFLOL!! Emily has put thost dang Mr. Potato Head glasses on Jake so many times, I can't even TELL YOU!! LOL!! Of course, NOW he won't tolerate it . . . but then, he just kinda rolled with the punches!

I swear Em and Bethy are kindred spirits and just don't know it yet - Emily said something similar about Jake when he was about 10 months - "Mommy, Baby Jake is dumb right? 'Cause he's just a baby? But I luz (love) him anyway . . ."