Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hitting Reset

Hope got a groovy Barbie mp3 player for Christmas. When it was about a week old, we realized it was not turning off. We read the instructions and messed with it but finally remembered the reset button on it. One push of the button and it was back to normal.

Today I needed a reset.

Yesterday was quite a day! We dealt with two doctor appointments (everyone is fine) in two different towns. While on the way to lunch the driver and the copilot had a disagreement but it was sweetly resolved as the alternator went out on the car about ten minutes from the second appointment. We prayed the van into the parking lot! The appointment was not as wonderful as I'd expected and it was crazy trying to get us home. We did it but I was exhausted with no dinner ready (we got home a lot later than expected!). Laced through the day was a conversation with our real estate agent regarding the pending sale of our land.

This morning I hit reset.

No school work, just catching up on what we'd missed/messed yesterday. I'm ready for tomorrow with a clean(ish) house and rested spirit.

As the lightening starts outside, I'm leaving you with the encouragement that life's too short to run full speed all the time. Hit reset when you need, and don't feel guilty about it!


Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

I need one of those resets on a daily basis!!

Glad everyone is Okay -

How's Bethy?

Luke said...

Glad you were able to reset. May today be full of joy and tangible blessings!

...I find that I tend to think: life's too short not to run full speed all the time.

Which, of course, tends to cause problems. You are absolutely right, and I should take that reminder to heart. Thanks for the encouragement [smile].