Thursday, August 7, 2008

Prayer Time

Just wanted to put a few things out there for you prayer warriors :)

If you pray for nothing else here, let me beg you to pray for the baby's life of a young woman. She's 19 weeks (yeah, like half way through her pregnancy, she's probably showing, and she'll feel movement any time) and has 2 daughters, though not in her care. She has not had running water in 3 years. She plans to abort this baby, as far as we know. Her sister called my Center's hotline this last weekend, I referred her to our other center, which has sonogram capabilities. She had her sono Tuesday but left without giving her intentions.

I know her situation is dire and may be no place for a baby. But that does not mean the baby's life should be taken. Please pray for her to choose life and either for her to change her lifestyle or for her to lovingly place this baby for adoption.

Well, it seems very shallow to mention it after that need, but Shane meets with a realtor tomorrow about selling our land. We made the decision to do it on Monday. It's bittersweet for sure. We've dreamed about living on that land, with a patio facing the creek...for years. Now it seems we're selling out. Maybe we are. But we're selling out in order to be in a better place financially. This would propel us through several of Dave Ramsey's baby steps for financial peace. This excites me so much-that we won't have to panic about the changes coming down the pike. So, if you feel like praying, you could pray for us to emotionally handle the situation and for the land to sell quickly.

Love you guys-including you lurkers!


Jennifer said...

Will be praying. I know you will be sad to lose your land, but what exciting plan the Lord must have in store for you...something even better than yes, your land. Keep us updated.

Aletha said...

I will pray for you and for the baby. Please let us know if you find anything out about the woman's decision.