Friday, February 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

With our Pregnancy Center's fundraising Gala last night, I had the following thoughts:

*My girls are facinated by the yearly donning of pantyhose. F-a-c-i-n-a-t-e-d. Can I feel your leg mom?

*I hate highway construction. Even the kind that doesn't change. Ever. Even if I drive it at lease once a week on the way to church. What if if changes the day I drive my kids through it and I"m not prepared and cause a head-on collision right in front of Shane's Sheriff's Office? I'd be mortified, among other things (like dead).

*I'm hyper afraid of tucking my dress into said pantyhose. Then it'd be Mom, can I feel your bottom?

*Making gun shooting motions while at a fancy dinner might not be socially acceptable even at the "law enforcement table". (You know you're at a right wing shindig when the ladies are holding an animated conversation over which guns are easiest for a girl to shoot!).

*The Gala can be an interesting place for a first date...dinner, music, and two testimonies by post-abortion women. It takes a special kind of woman to be touched by that on a first date (I think she was).

*While I find the smell of smoke (not cigarette) quite nice on my husband (from his firefighting days, I suppose), it's not as sexy on another guy (sorry, Kevin. Oh, hey, it doesn't mean I wouldn't vote for you if I lived in your county, though. I would, really, I'd vote for you and your big ole smoker smellin' Carhart, lol).

*God is good. Of course I already knew that, but when the evening brings in $64,000 to help us continue to "empower women to make life affirming choices" at the PRC, then it's just a good reminder. I love the 29 new people who promise to pray for the center, the 17 new potential volunteers and the 11 new abstinence speakers, too!

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