Friday, February 15, 2008

One thing leads to another

Okay, I've been kinda rethinking my kitchen. I had planned an Americana look in our future house and had bought a few things that would fit...but now my interest in tea stained red, white, and blue is waning. Peer pressure is at the root, but that's a different blog post.

I've been searching for the perfect item to decorate my kitchen around. I want something unique-no roosters, fruit, or wicker baskets in my kitchen. I want to focus on a somewhat common household item that hasn't been done in a kitchen before. Something fun and whimsical. Something that people will see and say, "Ah ha, that's clever, I would have never thought of that before!" My problem is that I'm not creative that way. I can duplicate decor I've seen, but I'm not creative enough to come up with it on my own.

With my elusive item always in the back of my mind, I go about my daily business. Last weekend, while going through some trash & treasures in my grandmother's storage house (yes an entire house devoted to storage!), I ran across several old jars. They weren't antiques or anything, just old household jars that are in fun shapes. One is little and squatty, another held intant coffee, and others just had an old look to them. My Aunt gave me permission to take them and now they are cleaned and ready for display in my kitchen.

However, clear glass bottles are a little boring. I need something to fill them with to make them fun. I decided marbles would be a lot of fun. I started researching marbles and Wow! are there some cool ones out there. I'd love to put some in this post, but you know I still haven't picked up a new mouse--one with a working right click button--so you'll just have to follow the links. It's worth a short visit to the sites just to see the creativity of some marble artists. Fun stuff!

I can't pick out a favorite from this site, they are all so neat! And go check these out (they're more expensive, but check out the itsy bitsy tiny ones. I want me a few dozen of those!

On a side note, Ash got a marble set from the Awana store and loves playing marbles. She is the one who educated me on some of the lingo and told me cats eye marbles are the most common. She's such a marble snob she doesn't even consider them "real" marbles, lol. I didn't know she'd taught Hope to play marbles. They have a friend coming over tomorrow and there's a game planned. I think I might learn to play!

Go do some memory making this weekend!

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