Thursday, February 7, 2008

My some-kinda day!

Don't feel sorry for me, this isn't a pitty party, but boy I've had a whopper of a day.

You know it's going to be a bad day when your spouse calls to see if there's any money in the bank because the debit card doesn't work at the gas station. Of course, my paycheck does me little good if I don't actually deposit it...yeah, I was going to get to that Quicken just caught up to me before I could make time to catch up to it. Off Shane went, to deposit my check.

So, the bank account is happy, but the tax man cometh...and with shocking news. We were rather stunned to hear our expected return was a tiny fraction of what we had hoped for, based on our previous years' experience. Oh well, at least we don't owe money. Contract labor is a two edged sword! It killed us this year.

So, with a slightly distressed spirit, I run off to work where I thought I'd be able to quickly put together Info Packets for tonight's Prayer Dessert and maybe even be able to make out the deposit and declutter my office bookcase. No. I ended up working late and only got item number one done.

Dinner-I forgot to put on a crock pot of beans, so I'm very thankful my mom offers to feed the girls dinner. I hide in my quiet, dark bedroom for half an hour, getting a pep talk from my hubby, spend a quick 30 minutes getting everyone ready to go to karate/my mom's/the Prayer Dessert (take your pick, we were all over town, lol).

On the way to the Prayer Dessert, a warning light came on my dashboard that I can't recall what means. It's a little light bulb with a ! in it. All my turn signals are working, brake lights, too so I don't know. It probably means it's about to explode and blow dried up french fries up to two blocks away.

Thankfully, I think the Prayer Dessert went well. I didn't have my buddy Shane there to give me a recap of favorite moments or things I could have said differently so I don't know, but it seemed like everyone had a good time. The prayer time was precious and my heart was warmed that Summer (I mean Shummer?) would give up a Casting Crowns concert for the little event.

So, the night's almost over, what else could go wrong? Bethany is covered in a spectacular rash. Maybe Charlie's Soap? Maybe the dose of cough medicine I gave her? Maybe she's about to explode and blow soggy french fries.

Oh, and Jaybird is down to the bottom of the barrel of clean cloth diapers, the ones I don't really have much experience with...I put her in a nice thick night time bundled up contraption of a diaper and 10 minutes later she comes to me patting her diaper and saying, "uhh ohhh."

The good news is-and thanks for hanging in if you made it this far--I still feel peace. I'm not saying I'm not exhausted, a little bummed, and irritated, but over all, I feel peace. God is so good!


Jamie said...

Wow! I had no idea you were having such a day. You are one amazing Mom. Im glad that you have found peace in the middle of all that stress. Hang in there!

Andrea said...

Love you bunches, little sister! I am proud to say, "I know that woman! She's my friend!" Andrea

Anonymous said...

And here you were listening to my woes and not even letting on! You should know better than that. Don't hide your rough day just because I am having a rough week. LOL


Wendy said...

Oh my, you girls are so funny. I'm not some saint that pulled off a bad day, lol. I took a nap today (is it a nap if you're still in your PJs when you lie down?) and slept about 2 hours! Shane had the girls clean up, but we totally missed school (again!), and I hardly had my hair dry before the piano teacher got here at 2 p.m.!

L, you're woes are heavy on my heart this week anyway, so hearing about M's pneumonia and breathing treatment didn't bring me down any further ;) Besides, I knew you'd read the blog and I was more concerned w/B's weird don't get on to me, lol.

Anonymous said...

Well, my friend, M is feeling better. Now J is the only one healthy in the house. Dh and I have both come down with the crud. School has been a bust for a week. I hope that will change this week, but I am not holding my breath.

I am glad you rested and I hope that everybody stays healthy and happy, with no more weird rashes. lol