Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Weigh In & Update

Well, go figure that with no exercise I lost two pounds! Funny. I was tied to the house all week with a sick girl. All the girls ended up with a cold this last week, but it hit Hope the hardest. I usually go walk while the girls are at Awana or another activity, but Hope was home all week and she's too young to leave at home alone. This week may not be any better regarding exercise since I'm now the sick one. Fun times!

I didn't even pop in here to blog last week because--believe it or not--my family takes priority over blogging. Gasp! I know you're surprised!

Don't watch for me that much this week either...gotta get my family well.

However, I do have a few little things to share:

We have sick kids but are full of blessings-a friend did us a great favor Sunday morning. You know who you are. ;) Thanks! Shane cleaned a chimney of another friend who over paid him and then sent Shane home with lots of meat-organic beef!

Also, I was giddy with excitement when I saw a message from my doula website-someone wants me to be their doula! Her message included her pregnancy info and then concluded with: I'm glad you're Catholic as faith is important to me. Oh, and her location? Cue the Beach Boys music--Californ-i-a. Yes, that leaves me scratching my head. Not sure why she thinks we're Catholic-except that we have a big family, maybe? Leave it to me to get my first inquiry from someone three states away!

In local news, I did put my name in the hat for a woman in Mineral Wells (about an hour and a half away) who wants a doula this month. She'll probably find a doula from Fort Worth to come over, but I offered to consider it if she needs me. Makes my stomach do a flip-flop to think I might get a call!

School last week went really well. Combining Hope & Bethany in history, poetry, Bible, and read-alouds (books I read to them) and have them do their own math, LA, and handwriting worked like a charm. They love it-especially Bethany who loves the idea of doing the same work as her big sister! I love how streamlined it is. Sonlight is so flexible!

Okay, over and out.
Your Catholic friend who flies all over the country to do births.


Luke said...

May everyone get well soon... and it sounds like everything else is going well! Yay Sonlight! [smile]


ShelbyLinn said...
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