Monday, June 1, 2009

Small Break

I had planned a Food Class post for today, but it'll have to be put on hold. Our world is a little backwards from our usual schedule, so as we adjust I'm not sure how my blogging will all fall into place. The Food Class posts take more work than others, so just be patient with me :)

I'll throw out a few prayer requests though:
~Shane as he adjusts to a new position that's totally opposite his regular job (days instead of nights, working outdoors instead of inside...)
~Audrey's having a tough time teething. She's pretty miserable with a nonstop runny nose & fever.
~Hope's having a killer allergy attack, her eyes look terrible!
~We're still petitioning God daily for our land to sell, and for the right house for us to be available when it sells.

Finally, if you have some ideas on lunch box items that don't have to be heated up, I would really love you forever. Shane always takes a lunch, but he usually has access to a microwave but won't now. I can send items in a thermos if my man from a summer of endless sandwiches! Come on, send me your best lunch box menus!


Anonymous said...

Salad, cold chicken, left over pizza. These are all things that I like that I prefer to have not re-heated.


Alison said...

Sounds like fun at your house! I'll be praying for you all. :)

As for lunches, all good ideas from Leah. After years of school lunches i was still stuck eating s'wiches in highschool (Which i loathed) but the best alternatives were ...
-- soup in a Thermos,
-- wraps are almost-sandwiches? :D
-- lunch-in-parts (e.g. a tub of yoghurt + chopped fruit + cheese/carrot sticks + tub of dip(hummus?) + salad to add up to enough for lunch...
-- tinned tuna and crackers for a DIY type thing (but dry biscuits go soggy if you sandwich them ahead of time)
-- cold quiche type things
-- cold [cooked] leftover chicken, crumbed with stuff (like cornflakes? my mum does a good one, but i only got to take it once in a blue moon)
-- potato salad is good and filling

My husband needs lots more lunch than me usually so just sandwiches aren't enough anyway...

blessings on youse all

Alison said...

Ooh also, the thermos was really good for taking noodles in - i would pre-head the thermos with boiling water, empty it, then put noodles, instant soup and boiling water in it, shut it quick and leave it until lunchtime (was usually still ~50'C and sure beat cold lunch).

Needs cleaning well though because you never forget the smell of a two-days-later thermos that hasn't been cleaned... *meaningful look at younger sister*...

Luke said...

Lord, I ask that You would help Shane as he adjusts to his new position. Give him the grace, people, and wisdom he needs. And may this be a perfect fit for him. Be with both Audrey and Hope and help them through this stage quickly. And please provide the right buyer for the land and the perfect house for them to purchase. Amen.

As for lunches: In high school I ate a ton of toasted bagels with butter and melted Munster cheese. They were really good even when they were cold. And Pizza... yum.


Janet said...

My boys favorite...Frito pie. Put chili in (widemouth) thermos (don't quite fill to top)& fritos in baggie. Add fritos as you eat. Could do beans & cornbread the same way. (He works outside so you don't have to worry about the side effects :D )When I send hot stuff I heat it extra hot & add to heated thermos. My mom likes cold meatloaf ??. Boiled eggs. Don't forget to send cold watermelon, oranges or cantalope for a nice cool down this summer.

workingmom said...

Well, I have been doing the lunch thing for Azlyn for a few years. One of her favorites is bean and cheese burritos. I heat them in the morning and wrap in paper towels and foil. I don't really know how warm it is when she eats it, but she always asks for it. You probably won't have a hard time with it being summer. he won't be wanting anything real heavy or hot to eat. Sandwiches are always a plus. I like the potato salad idea too.

Anonymous said...

As the guinea pig for all of your ideas... I would just like to say
THANK YOU for your answers and supportive words and prayer for my wife and I.
guinea pig