Friday, June 5, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I thrive on systems at my house. My kids, on the other hand, don't so my systems often try to crash & burn. Even if I don't have systems, I do have rhythm. Not real rhythm, no, I can't clap in time at church one bit. But I love to make it through the week coasting on the unique cycle of our family.

This week our unique cycle became somewhat normal and I just about fell apart.

Not really, I love the idea of Shane being on day shift and really, really love the idea of four ten hour days with long weekends. But this week has been a challenge since our rhythm is about as "on" as mine is every Sunday about 10:30.

Here's our week in a recap:

The Good:
~Having Shane at most ball games, home for dinner, and next to me in bed at night.
~There was a storm one night this week and I slept peacefully knowing I wasn't the only adult in the house. I left the "monitoring" of the storm up to him and it was soooo nice!
~Unlike when he works in the jail, Shane can use his cell as he's working his new job.
~The new job-Shane is a supervisor to the inmate work crew. He has two inmates he takes all over the county to fill in pot holes. Yesterday took him to a rock crusher plant (for asphalt) and to two towns for road repair, then they cleaned the precinct workshop where he's stationed and cleaned out "his" truck. Much more variety than the gray walls of the jail. Bonus: No drunk guys professing their innocence to deal with.
~Audrey is sitting up, pulling up, and crawling! She's 7 months old today.
~Our 14th wedding anniversary was this week. Celebrating Saturday with a trip to "the city" together.

The Bad:
~The allgirlhomeschool-mobile had to go to the shop for repairs. Yours Truly got to handle all that and it's really not my forte. Still more to deal with as we have to find a different mechanic who deals with transmissions.
~Getting up at 5:40am to make Shane's lunch and get him out the door intact. This one may not last too long!
~I have a guilt complex. If Shane is at work, then I need to work hard with no slacking. Main problem with this is that I keep working once he gets home...and I get up at night with Audrey so I am a little tiny bit tired.
~Pot holes aren't glamorous. We need to work on a new job description, lol.

The Ugly:
~Shane's side job as a security guard for a major gas plant still takes up two evenings a week. We're thankful for the job, but it's hard for the girls to not see him from bedtime Monday night until he gets home on Thursday (they're in bed before he gets home on Tues & Wed nights).
~Finally, a shock from the ball park last night. I sat near a little girl still in her uniform. The team name in bold letters: Ball Busters. Nice.


D Unstoppable Mom said...

Well, more shock for ya! There is a team in the same league called...get this...Chicks with Sticks!!! These names are getting out of control as is the whole baseball situation!!

Make Shane's lunch at night, then you don't have to get up at 5:40!

As for you working hard...well, I would have thought that you had this figured out..."Man's work is sun to sun. Woman's work is NEVER done!"

Wendy said...

I knew there was another offensive name, I just couldn't remember it. I don't like where this is all heading at all, we've started checking out other options for playing ball...

Summer said...

but if you take either of those names literally, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Baseball is busting a ball. Girls are referred to as chicks and a baseball is a stick. No? It's our gutter minds that mess it up. right? now, I do have a problem with season's uniform. they put writing on the butt of them one cheek says "tee" and the other says "ball" The Butt is not a billboard! This year since she is only 6, and doesn't really have a butt to speak of, I'm just going with the flow. But, it's not gonna be okay next year.
Anyways, none of those things is as bad as what I saw last Sunday at a pool party. A little 8-10 year-old girl had on a shirt that said "Drink 'til you want me"

D Unstoppable Mom said...

Summer, it isn't MY mind that is in the gutter...there is a certain film genre that is called a name very similar. If I know this, as I have a whole encyclopedia of useless info in my brain...imagine the inuendo that is in others heads. Ball busters doesn't bother me really...this other name I find offensive, and for ME to take offense, it is really bad...KWIM!