Friday, May 15, 2009

Food Class

Good title suggestion Vicki!

Two more caveats before we get started: Go slow. I have a friend who uses Klean Kanteen sippy cups (a couple are on my list!), makes her own yogurt, kefir, sprouts seeds and so on. Someone commented on her lifestyle and she wisely pointed out that it's taken her many years to get there. She started with tiny changes and built on them. We've done the same thing, and we've backtracked several times, especially during times of transition like adding a new baby or moving.

Also, remember the best practice is to keep it local. If you have a choice between buying organic carrots from your Super WalMart or Farmer Joe down the road, pick Farmer Joe. It's better for your local economy and Farmer Joe's family.

This thought sums up my whole foods eating law: Identify the source of your food (remember, there are no marshmallow bushes) and love one another (meaning don't offend & buy local).

Okay, as a teaser, I'm going to list some "healthy foods" that aren't so healthy. I'll come back and address why in the next post.

Commercial, sweetened yogurt
Store bought wheat bread
Ice burg lettuce
Graham crackers
Canned chicken noodle soup (most canned soups, really)
Canned veggies
Kool-Aid (not that people think it's healthy, just a staple of childhood).

Okay, think on those things and I'll be back soon to tell you why it's all not-so-good for you. Coming soon-what to throw out of your house right now!


Summer said...

I'm so glad Cheetos are not on your list....there are cheetos trees, right? and rivers flowing with DrPepper? :) Seriously though, I need this food class and in the simple teaching method which with you are facilitating it! Keep it up.

Vicki said...

Ha Ha ha Summer! Im glad Coffee is not on that list... Please dont tell me I have to buy a yogurt maker? And milk? WE live on milk? :)

Wendy said...

Well, ladies, you know the part about things you should throw out right now? Cheetos might be there, lol. I personally think some coffee is still okay, but not with white sugar as a sweetener. And Vicki, I think you can make homemade yogurt without a yogurt maker. I'm not "there" yet in my own kitchen though, so I'm no expert. Milk-yes, you can drink it, but not in the form the store sells. After I get through exposing the junk inside mainstream milk, you won't want to take another sip. (Yet, there's some in my frige right now-I'm not perfect, lol).

Stay tuned, this should be fun!

Vicki said...

Alright Wendy lay it on me! But remember I live in Podunkville. We dont have raw milk with in 100 miles! But Aldi's sells a hormone free milk and that is my compromise. For awhile I was buying Horizons Organic BUT after the truth about them came out I stopped. I choose to buy whole foods as often as possible. I have yet to discover buying locally.. And Im horridly addicted to white sugar. Now if you can help me get unhooked you will be my BFF for life!

Janet said...

It CAN be done, right Wendy! (with a little help from your friends):)
135 sugarfree days and counting!

Wendy said...

Vicki-don't stress, keep it simple :) We live in a very rural area as well. You may be more likely than you think in finding raw milk there. Home dairies don't advertise, you'll have to do some discreet poking around, depending on your state's laws. In Texas we buy it for our animals, you know...

There is no one addicted to white sugar like I was. Having an accountability group has saved my life, as well as finding healthy alternative sweeteners. I'll talk about all if it in future posts.

I'm glad you're pumped and ready to go! I promise to post more frequently than the last few weeks, but we'll still take it one step at a time.