Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Awww, a Blog Award

My friend Raoulysgirl gave me an award for being a passionate blogger. Y'all think I'm passionate? Say it aint so...
In order to accept the award I must agree to do the following...
Put the logo in my blog.
Write 5 things I am passionate about besides my blog.
Tag 5 people on my list and let them know that I tagged them.

~Five passions:

1. Truth

2. The unborn

3. Freedom and those who paid for it for us

4. Memorable childhoods

5. Living in the abudant life God promised us


1. Summer, who isn't so vocal, but lives a life of conviction

2. Jennifer, who shares a lot of my passions

3. Ashlyn, who is the apple that's not fallen far from the Momma Tree

4. Amber at Babywearing Buzz, because anyone who can blog mostly on this passion is a friend of mine for life!

5. Vicki, because she's got a great thing going on her blog. Real life, lovin' Jesus, lovin' her family kinda girl.

Getting back to Food Class Thursday!

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